Our library of CV examples is one of the biggest online. Each example is crafted by a relevant professional using one of our HR-approved templates, and then vetted by our team of Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) to make sure it’s up to HR standards.

Whether you’re a school leaver making your first CV or a seasoned professional chasing a leadership role, find the inspiration you need by checking the examples below:

CV examples by experience level

At different points in your career, you’ll need to adjust your CV format to make the best case for yourself as a job applicant.

Student CV example

If you’re looking for a part-time job while at school or university, your CV should highlight your relevant skills and enthusiasm for the opportunity — and yes, you can do that even if you’re writing your first CV.

An example CV for a student with a green left-hand column highlighting the contact information, personal statement, and skills section.

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Why this example works

This applicant makes up for their lack of experience by using a concise yet professional one-page CV layout set across two columns.

The bold left-hand column quickly relays the applicant’s contact details, personal statement, and key skills so the employer can check the applicant’s qualifications at a glance.

Because of its efficiency in highlighting both skills and professional schooling, this example is a great template for both part-time job CVs and applications for internships.

Graduate CV example

Applying for a graduate scheme or entry-level position? A strong personal statement will help you clearly set out your career interests and demonstrate why you’re a fit for the opportunity.

An example CV for a graduate with a black header and several sections organised in a vertical single-column format.

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Why this example works

This CV has been structured so that the applicant’s uni qualifications and relevant technical knowledge appear first.

The applicant’s personal statement quickly connects their education history and career interests to the job description, conveying enthusiasm for the job.

Additionally, they’ve highlighted relevant transferable skills in their work experience section to show that they have some practical experience they can bring to the role.

Mid-level CV example

By the time you’re applying for senior specialist or small leadership roles, your CV should outline your various wins and achievements in previous positions.

Make your work experience section and continuing skills development the focus of your CV to show a strong career arc and passion for your niche.

A CV example for a mid-level professional with modern, visually compelling design and creative skills sections that uses bubble bars to represent competency.

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Why this example works

This applicant showcases their industry expertise by choosing a straightforward, professional CV that is easy to scan for key skills and workplace wins.

The concise graphic skills section clearly highlights key skills for the role, while the work experience section that follows uses action verbs and concise language to highlight the applicant’s various successes.

Executive CV example

At the managerial level, the main goal of CV writing becomes presenting yourself as a culture fit while condensing your extensive experience, vision, and leadership skills in a succinct and impactful format.

A black-and-white example CV for a senior manager that has a detailed personal statement and summary of key career achievements.

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Why this example works

Opening with an expertly composed career summary, this applicant quickly highlights their most noteworthy achievements. They then use their work experience section to highlight how they’ve applied their skills as a leader or strategist.

Additionally, a hobbies and interests section on the third page of this CV adds dimension and helps the employer determine whether the applicant would be a good fit for their organisation.

CV examples for specific situations

Certain life situations and opportunities require a nuanced approach to CV writing. Below, we share some of the more common situations that require rethinking your content and structure.

Career-change CV example

A strong career change CV compensates for your lack of direct work experience by emphasising your transferable skills, industry knowledge, and specialist experience.

An example of how to write a CV when changing careers.

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Why this example works

When changing careers, it’s important to quickly set out your reason for making the switch and the strengths that you can bring to the role.

This former technical writer uses a two-column layout with vibrant headers to summarise their professional background, skills, and key skills at a glance.

As they’re applying for a UX design role, the applicant has emphasised the skills and experience that would be most relevant to their target job.

Volunteer CV example

When writing a volunteer CV you need to emphasise passion for the target organisation or service and establish how you can contribute meaningfully.

An example CV for a volunteer job that shows how to emphasise enthusiasm to get the employer interested.

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Why this example works

This volunteer grabs the employer’s attention with a compelling personal statement that emphasises their interest in conservation.

They then highlight their suitability for the role by listing their experience in order of relevance, with a volunteer experience section on the first page and a work history section on the second.

Academic CV example

Because of the nature of academic positions, academic CVs follow a unique format.

Your academic CV should be longer than a standard CV and include unique sections for publications, research, and teaching experience.

The first page of an academic CV example with blue header text and the applicants qualifications laid out in a vertical format.

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Why this example works

Set across several pages, this example succinctly lists the applicant’s research achievements and university experience in a clean, conventional format.

Simplicity is key to academic job applications, so the writer has opted for a functional CV font and uses minimal colour (black and white or navy CV designs are preferable in this field).

Additional CV examples by industry

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Frequently asked questions about CV examples

Still have questions about using our CV examples? Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about our CV examples:

What can I do with these CV examples?

You can use the examples on this page as a reference point when writing your own CV.

For instance, you could take inspiration from our examples to decide what information you want to include on your CV or how to format it.

Each example is followed by a download link to a full-length CV that you can edit in Microsoft Word.

Once downloaded, you can personalise the CV sections manually. If you’re not sure what to write, each of our industry-specific examples includes a short writing guide to help you through the process.

Another alternative is to use a CV builder that will generate a custom CV based on your specific background and career goals.

A comparison between a dull CV and an eye-catching CV, with a button that leads to the CV Genius CV maker.

Are these CV examples ATS-friendly?

Yes, all our CV examples are ATS-friendly. We use standard fonts and formatting to ensure that our examples are compatible with the programs recruiters use to screen applications before reviewing them manually.

What’s a good example of a personal statement for my CV?

Here’s a great example of a personal statement to go at the top of a CV:

Driven marketing graduate with first-class honours from the University of Portsmouth and expertise in market analysis, consumer behaviour, and digital marketing strategies. Proficient in SQL, Agile methodologies, and project management tools (Jira, Asana). Eager to leverage data-driven insights to help enhance user experiences on CaptureFX.

Here’s why it’s good:

This recent graduate summarises their education and technical knowledge before briefly explaining why they want to work for the specific employer. They also mention specific tools and industry keywords (e.g., market analysis, Jira) to quickly grab the employer’s attention and show how they’re qualified for the job.

Where can I find cover letter examples?

If you need help writing a matching cover letter to go with your finished CV, you can find plenty of specific examples on our cover letter examples page.

Browse 65+ industry and situation-specific examples that demonstrate how to build a strong case for yourself as an applicant. Like our CVs, all the examples you’ll find can be downloaded for free to edit in your word processor.

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