Job-specific CV templates

Looking for a template specific to your line of work? We have a variety of CV templates that are designed for different jobs below:

Here are five CV examples that use unique templates to emphasise their relevant skills and experience:

Customer service CV

A simple CV template example in light green for a customer service role that applicants can look at to understand how to fill in a professional CV template.
Click here to download this CV template.

Why this CV template works

  • Uses a formal design that works for nearly any customer service position
  • Includes detailed information about the candidate’s accomplishments using hard numbers

Project manager CV

A project manager Word CV template with dark blue horizontal bars to make each section pop.
Want to download this template? Click here.

Why this CV template works

  • Opens with a convincing personal statement that highlights the candidate’s achievements
  • Focuses strongly on the work experience section, which is what employers want to see from an experienced candidate like this

Teacher CV

An example of the first page of a teacher CV.
You can download this teacher CV template here.

Why this CV template works

  • Utilises an efficient two-column design to highlight work experience and educational achievements
  • Provides specific hard numbers that demonstrate the candidate’s successes as an educator

Retail CV

A retail CV example
Click here to download this retail CV template.

Why this CV template works

  • Layout fits in as much information as possible, highlighting work experience, skills, and education all at once
  • Simple, blocky headers grab attention and direct it to the candidate’s qualifications

Graphic design CV

An example of a graphic designer CV with a teal and white background and skills bars to indicate the applicants competency in different areas.
You can download this graphic designer CV here.

Why this CV template works

  • Unique design features like the background gradient add a modern look that’s appropriate for a designer
  • Key skills are highlighted using skill bars, which help add visual appeal