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Account Manager CV Template (Text Format)


Engaging and forward-thinking professional with 9+ years of success growing business revenue, driving client success, researching business opportunities, and attending events/meetings. Special talent for leading cross-functional teams, developing solid action plans, and managing large account portfolios.


ASTON UNIVERSITY, Birmingham (2012-2015)
BA (Hons) Marketing, upper second-class honours (2:1)

Relevant Modules
Market Research, Strategic Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Decision Science, Quantitative Methods

Account Management Certificate

Business Development in Digital World Certificate


Key Account Manager, February 2019 – Present

  • Managed 10 key and 30 independent accounts, totalling £8M in sales
  • Opened 6 major merchant retail accounts, contributing £60K+ to the bottom line
  • Grew business with existing accounts by 30%+ by offering new products/services, surpassing the yearly sales goal by 26%
  • Implemented a telemarketing sales programme to develop meaningful connections with key accounts
  • Brought back 5 lost accounts and increased the company’s profitability by 12%

Account Manager, June 2017 – February 2019

  • Liaised between clients and company to fulfil the business needs of each account
  • Increased sales by 22% through marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Prevented loss of 2 key clients by delivering quality account management services
  • Introduced client feedback system to effectively assess specific needs of each account
  • Improved overall client experience and satisfaction scores by 40% through swift complaint resolution

NFU MUTUAL, Coventry
Assistant Account Manager, March 2015 – June 2017

  • Prepared client documents, answered calls, scheduled appointments, and researched new business opportunities
  • Commended by supervisor for recommending the use of PeopleSoft to meet business requirements
  • Researched market and identified 6 potential accounts that generated £40K+ business
  • Organised 12 major guest events in New York as part of business development


  • Business development
  • Account management
  • Revenue maximisation
  • Market research
  • Strategic planning


  • Learning languages
  • Networking
  • Travel

How to write an account manager CV

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a CV in a way that best emphasises your strengths.

Account managers bridge the gap between a company and its clients to ensure customer needs are acknowledged and satisfied. Given their huge significance in driving sales, these professionals are highly sought-after.

Employers consider dozens of applications when picking a candidate for their account manager position, so you can easily be ignored, even if you’re well qualified.

To prevent this from happening, follow these three tips to write an account manager CV that captures the attention of potential employers:

1. Showcase your account manager skills

Successful organisations build good relationships with their customers by understanding and satisfying their needs. So companies use account managers to build rapport with clients.

Account managers advocate for clients and partner with internal departments to handle customer complaints, increase sales, improve overall customer experience, and collect and analyse data.

An account manager needs key hard and soft skills to achieve these goals, so it’s important to include those key skills on your CV.

Hard skills are technical abilities learnt from experience or training — here are some hard skills to include on your account manager CV:

Your CV should also highlight your soft skills to show how you relate with coworkers and clients in the workplace. For instance, an account manager should be an expert at building relationships with clients, so your communication and interpersonal skills are relevant assets.

You shouldn’t list soft skills in your skills section. Instead, show how you applied key soft skills in your descriptions of your past work experience. For example:

  • Effectively communicated with clients to understand their needs, provide updates, and address concerns, resulting in a 95% client retention rate

Here are some more soft skills to showcase in your work experience section:

  • Communication skills
  • Team building
  • Leadership skills
  • Listening skills
  • Reliability
  • Strategic thinking

Remember that account managers can work in various industries, so make sure to add skills that are specific to the organisation’s line of business. For example, if you apply to a hospital, include medical-related skills like MEDITECH software.

2. Open with a strong personal statement

Employers can’t afford to waste time when sifting through the many applications they receive. To make your account manager CV stand out, craft an excellent CV personal statement.

A personal statement is a short paragraph at the top of your CV summarising your strengths, accomplishments, and experience. The personal statement is the first section employers see on your CV, so use it to catch their attention with your best account manager skills and experience.

Ensure your statement is comprehensive, clear, and concise so the employer can pick up details at a glance. If they’re impressed with your CV summary, they’re likely to read your entire CV.

Here’s an example of a good personal statement for an account manager CV:

Engaging and forward-thinking professional with 9+ years of success growing business revenue, driving client success, researching business opportunities, and attending events/meetings. Special talent for leading cross-functional teams, developing solid action plans, and managing large account portfolios.

Your account manager CV’s personal statement should:

  • be 2–4 sentences or bullets
  • begin with a powerful adjective to get your application off to a good start
  • showcase your experience by highlighting the number of years you’ve spent in the field
  • let the recruiter know what you can bring to the table if offered the job

3. Include account manager–related keywords in your CV

Many employers use computer programs called applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan applications, saving them time and effort. These systems are programmed to pick out specific keywords on CVs.

Therefore, as an account manager, you should include industry-related keywords from the job advert in your CV to ensure that the ATS matches your skillset to the job. Even if your CV is detailed, without the right keywords, it may be disregarded.

These are examples of keywords to use in your account manager CV in 2024:

  • client relations
  • digital
  • data analysis
  • advertising
  • remote communication
  • campaigns
  • insights
  • social media
  • customer satisfaction
  • quote
  • successful delivery
  • partners

If writing your account manager CV sounds too difficult, don’t forget you can rely on online CV creators to create your CV within a few minutes. And don’t forget to build a cover letter to go along with it.

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