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Yachting CV Example (Text Format)


A dedicated and detail-oriented individual seeking a Chief Stew position aboard a dual-season superyacht, bringing a strong maritime background in addition to exceptional hospitality experience. Wish to leverage my skills in maintaining interior spaces, handling deck operations, and providing premium guest services to enhance the onboard experience.


Steward, June 2021 – Present
Emperor SuperYachts, Poole

  • Ensure the impeccable maintenance and cleanliness of all areas aboard a 100m motor yacht, including guest cabins, dining areas, and lounges
  • Deliver top-tier guest services on both private and charter trips, including meal service, cabin preparation, and attending to specific requests
  • Coordinated with a crew of 20, including chef and deckhands, to facilitate smooth operations and event preparations
  • Provided beauty and wellness treatments, including aromatherapy, deep tissue massages, and hairdressing services
  • Assisted interior manager in organising and orchestrating special events, including Christmas and New Year’s parties, private functions, and corporate events

Deckhand, May 2019 – May 2021
Argonaught, Almería, Spain

  • Assisted in maintaining the exterior of the yacht, including cleaning, painting, and basic repair works
  • Participated in safe docking and anchoring of the yacht, ensuring all procedures were followed accurately
  • Supported the deck team in navigation, safety patrols, and overseeing the safe use of tenders and toys by guests
  • Contributed to a 20% improvement in safety drill efficiency by implementing a streamlined communication system

Waiter, January 2017 – May 2019
The Pompadour, Glasgow

  • Provided excellent customer service by efficiently taking orders, serving food, and addressing any guest inquiries or concerns
  • Collaborated with kitchen staff to ensure timely and accurate order preparation and delivery
  • Managed payment transactions and ensured the accuracy of bills, fostering a positive dining experience for patrons
  • Successfully upsold menu items, resulting in a 10% increase in average ticket size over a 6-month period


STCW Refresher Course in Fire Fighting and Sea Survival, 2023

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
BA Hons Hospitality & Tourism Management (2:1), 2018–2021

STCW Basic Safety Training, 2018

Longbenton Sixth Form College, Poole, 2016–2018

Maths (B), French (B),
Business Studies (B)
10 A–C including Maths, English, Combined Science, and IT

How to write a sea-worthy yachting CV

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a CV in a way that best emphasises your strengths.

Working on a yacht is an exciting experience. Whether you join the crew as a Deckhand or Stew, you’ll get to work surrounded by the ocean, exploring different coastal destinations and assisting a diverse clientele of fellow sea lovers.

Still, clients and employers expect excellent service aboard ship, and to land a job with the best services, you’ll have to convince employers that you can handle the responsibilities of the role.

To make a strong case for yourself, you’ll need a strong yachting CV. Here are three tips to remember when you’re writing yours:

1. Put a clean, professional headshot on your yachting CV

Yachting is one of the few professions where you should put a photo on your CV.

Photo CVs are expected in the yachting industry, especially if you’re applying for a job aboard a charter or luxury yacht, where having a polished, professional image is an essential part of the job.

How to take a great headshot for your yachting CV:

  • Use soft and even lighting (no shadows across your face)
  • Choose a clean undistracting background (such as a white wall)
  • Keep your hair tidy and out of your face
  • Wear minimal jewellery
  • Opt for a plain polo shirt (so the employer can picture you as a crew member)

2. Confirm you have the right documentation

Whatever job you’re applying for, you’ll need to have completed STCW Basic Safety Training to work aboard a yacht. If you got certified over five years ago, you’ll also need to have completed a refresher course.

Include these certifications in your personal statement, skills section, or education section so the employer can easily confirm that you’re qualified.

Depending on the yacht, you may also have to be based in multiple countries throughout the year, so if you have the visa permissions to do so, make it clear on your CV. The employer will say if a visa is required in the job description.

3. List relevant hobbies and interests

As yachting roles are customer-facing, personality is important.

Though it’s not essential, adding a hobbies and interests section with 3–5 relevant personal pursuits tells the employer a little bit more about who you are when you’re not working and shows that you’re passionate about your line of work.

Here’s what a hobbies and interests section looks like on a yachting CV:


A hobbies and interests section with four relevant interests for a yachting CV.
These interests suggest the applicant is active and a team player.

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