The CV Genius Team creates career resources that are reliable, precise, and informed by the latest job-market practices.

Our mission

CV Genius’s goal is to help job seekers in the UK and around the world advance in their chosen careers. No matter what rung of the career ladder you’re on, we’re here to help you climb the next one.

Our support includes guided tips, tools, and downloadable and online resources that make navigating the job search process as easy as possible so you can shape your career your way.

Since 2021, CV Genius has been one of the major career resource websites serving job seekers. We’ve supported thousands of job applicants with guides on subjects like writing the perfect CV and how to tender a formal resignation.

Our writers and editors

CV Genius’s team includes certified professional CV writers (CPRWs), CV and cover letter writers, and career counsellors.

Each member of the team has a unique professional background, including education, marketing, journalism, and more. And of course, we’ve all had experience navigating the job market ourselves.

Now at CV Genius, we’re dedicated to supporting you with helpful, high-quality content to help you land a job in no time.

Working together, our counsellors and writers make sure all the content you see on our site is accurate, up-to-date, and applicable to the UK job market today.

Nationally recognised expertise

CV Genius’s career advice has been cited by top UK publications like the BBC, the University of Warwick, and Student Space as well as globally relevant sites like Forbes and Yahoo.

All in all, our CV, cover letter, and interview advice has been featured on the websites of dozens of household names.

The CV Genius editorial process

Here’s a full breakdown of our editorial process:

1. Research

Our career counsellors identify new topics to write about based on the latest hiring trends or frequently asked questions from job seekers. They then thoroughly research the topic so they can summarise the key information for our readers.

2. Draft

Once we have a content idea, our writers produce their first draft under the guidance of a career counsellor. We aim for each article to be concise yet informative as well as easy to digest for all sorts of readers.

3. Edit

A senior editor then takes over, reviewing the writer’s draft to make sure it flows well, answers readers’ questions, and is accurate. We also get an industry expert or CPRW to review the content to make sure it’s consistent with job market and industry-specific standards.

4. Publish

Once our editors and certified professionals are satisfied with the content, we add relevant infographics and illustrations to make our content visually engaging. We then publish the article.

5. Revise & update

All of CV Genius’s content undergoes regular checks to make sure it’s up-to-date and still accurate. Whenever we need to add new information, update facts, or improve the writing, a revision takes place, with writers, editors, and CPRWs collaborating to produce an updated piece of content. Check the ‘Last Updated’ date to see when a piece was last improved on.

Collaborating with industry leaders

Our team are experts at helping you find a job, but they don’t claim to know the specifics of every industry. That’s why we’ve teamed up with external reviewers, who check CV and cover letter samples and blog article content to provide feedback from their years of experience in the industry.

Here are some of the industry leaders we get feedback from:

  • Margaret Buj, a Talent Acquisition Manager & Interview Coach and Trainer
  • Matt Collingwood, the Managing Director of VIQU IT Recruitment based in Birmingham and Southampton

Together, our in-house experts and external industry leaders collaborate to provide job seekers with the best job search advice online.

Our goal: making job hunting more accessible

Landing a job is tough, and many career websites are just as difficult to navigate with spammy pop-ups and adverts.

That’s why we do our utmost to make our website as accessible as possible.

We provide free-to-download CV and cover letter samples and designs as well as blog articles free from adverts and paywalls. Also, we offer alternative ways to interact with our site such as video and audio content.

We also strive to comply with the the US ADA when we publish content. This involves writing detailed image alt text, providing captions for videos, and using design principles that cater to those with visual impairments or who are affected by colour blindness.

Samuel Johns
Written by

Samuel Johns

Samuel Johns is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), recruiting manager, and lead career counsellor on the CV Genius team, with almost 5 years of experience in the career space. He has helped countless job hunters craft high-quality CVs and cover letters, exceed expectations at interviews, and obtain their dream jobs. Born and raised in County Durham in the beautiful North East of England, he graduated with a BA (Hons) in French Language and Literature from the University of Bristol in 2013 and has worked in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, London, Paris, and Taipei as a French–English translator. He’s determined to use his native English and fluent French skills to help UK and French candidates get the jobs they deserve. In addition to the British and French versions of CV Genius, Samuel’s job-hunt advice has been published on numerous websites, including, the University of Warwick, the Enterprisers Project, and If you’d like to collaborate, please reach out to Samuel through LinkedIn. Please note, we don’t accept guest posts and won’t reply to such requests.