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Kitchen Assistant CV Template (Text Format)


Detail-oriented and diligent professional with over 5 years of experience assisting kitchen staff in preparing food and setting up necessary equipment and material to facilitate chefs during day-to-day operations. Instrumental in cleaning and organising kitchen, receiving and inspecting inventory items, preparing ingredients in advance, and stocking products on shelves. Adept at collaborating with staff members to maintain a positive working environment.


Senior Kitchen Assistant

WHITBREAD, Tyneside | Jun 2021–present

  • Assisted staff members with cleaning and maintenance of kitchen as per health and safety standards
  • Shopped for ingredients as instructed by the senior chef and helped cooks in food preparation
  • Maintained inventory levels by developing lists of missing materials and reporting them to the head of staff
  • Regularly cleaned and sanitised eating utensils, counters, and overall equipment
  • Organised and reset kitchen to ensure seamless functioning in kitchen during times of high order volumes

Kitchen Assistant

WAGAMAMA, South Shields | Jul 2019–Jun 2021

  • Organised and maintained cleanliness in the kitchen and stock room
  • Established a positive and healthy working environment by reducing workload of other staff members and assisting in a variety of tasks
  • Participated in preparation and serving of food as required during rush hours while attaining high level of customer satisfaction and appraisals on cleanliness across the restaurant
  • Set up equipment for use of chef and cooks to ensure on-time delivery of food
  • Chop and cut ingredients as per company standards to facilitate kitchen staff

Kitchen Porter

WAGAMAMA, North Shields | Oct 2016–Jun 2019

  • Cleaned and sanitised kitchen work surfaces, including counters, sinks, stoves, and walls
  • Mopped floors at the start and end of shifts
  • Washed cookware, utensils, and cutlery for continuous use during shifts
  • Arranged equipment and ingredients as per instructions of chef
  • Organised food and supply storage areas while actively maintaining cleanliness


Gateshead College, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear | Sep 2015 – Oct 2016

NVQ Level 2 — Food Preparation

Gosforth High School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne | Oct 2011 – Aug 2015

  • A-Levels: Business Studies (B), History (C), Maths (C)
  • GCSEs: 10 A*–C, including English, Maths, and Science


  • Highly organised and robust communicator
  • Bilingual, fluent in English and French
  • Solid expertise in problem-solving, critical thinking, and attention to detail
  • Proficient in using a variety of cleaning materials


  • Ukulele playing
  • Pub quizzes
  • Attending science-fiction conventions

How to write your kitchen assistant CV

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a CV in a way that best emphasises your strengths.

A kitchen assistant, or kitchen porter, plays a vital role in any area where food is prepared, helping to keep kitchens clean and organised and assisting the cooks with various tasks.

The specific duties of a kitchen assistant vary depending on the size and type of kitchen but generally include keeping the kitchen clean, washing dishes, preparing food items, and stocking supplies.

In some kitchens, kitchen assistants may also be responsible for cooking simple dishes or assisting the cooks with more complex ones.

If you’re interested in becoming a kitchen assistant, your CV will need the right ingredients to convince the employer you’re the best person for the job. Here’s how to make a CV for a kitchen assistant role.

1. Demonstrate your kitchen assistant skills

While kitchen assistant positions often don’t require previous kitchen experience, having the right skills will vastly improve your chances of getting hired.

The duties of a kitchen assistant generally require good organisational skills and the ability to work well under pressure. Physical stamina is also helpful, as kitchen assistants often spend long hours on their feet.

Some other skills that would be beneficial to highlight on a kitchen assistant CV include:

  • Dishwashing experience
  • Food preparation experience
  • Knowledge of kitchen cleaning procedures
  • Stocking supplies
  • Ability to follow recipes
  • Basic cooking skills
  • Time management

2. Write a standout personal statement

Having the right skills on your CV is crucial to the success of any successful kitchen assistant application. As the first part of your application that the employer will see, your personal statement should clarify you possess the skills they’re seeking.

Scan the job description for skill-related keywords that you can include in your application to get the employer’s attention. Expand on any key skills you mention to show how you can use them to benefit the hiring kitchen.

Here’s an example of how a personal statement can convince an employer that they’re looking at an excellent kitchen assistant:

A personal statement for a kitchen assistant CV, detailing the applicant's work experience, strengths, and some previous duties.
This personal statement would look great to an employer seeking organisational skills.

3. Include any relevant qualifications

While kitchen assistant positions do not generally require any specific certifications, it’s helpful to mention the following:

  • Level 2 Food Safety: This certification is accredited by the CPD Certification Service and recommended for any job that involves handling or preparing food.
  • First Aid and CPR certification: A short, widely applicable course that covers everything an employee would need to know to deal with an unresponsive casualty.

Highlighting kitchen assistant certifications on your CV will help you to stand out from other candidates and increase your chances of getting hired for the position. With the right skills and experience, you can be an invaluable asset to any kitchen team.

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