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Nanny CV Example (Text Format)


Attentive and caring Nanny with 6+ years of experience providing exceptional live-in and after-school care to toddlers and children. With fluency in two languages and strong communication skills, I’m well equipped to help children grow into inquisitive, open-minded, and intelligent young thinkers. Seeking a challenging live-in position to leverage my skills and expertise in childhood development and education and creating engaging, stimulating environments where children can thrive and develop.


Private Nanny | July 2021 – Present

  • Provide full-time care for two children aged 3 and 5, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment at all times
  • Prepare breakfast and dinner for the children daily, taking care to ensure meals are fun, nutritious, and varied
  • Coordinated nursery drop offs and collections, ensuring both children were where they needed to be at all times
  • Supervised playtime after nursery and organised regular outings for the children (e.g., trips to the park)
  • Facilitated a bilingual environment, communicating with the children in English and French to ensure they developed strong skills in both languages

Early Years Assistant | March 2019 – July 2021

  • Coordinated a variety of fun and engaging activities for children aged 1-4 at a nursery with a focus on individuality, creativity, and outdoor play
  • Worked closely with early years educators to implement curriculum and care plans
  • Supported children’s social and developmental needs by organising games and activities, and supervising free play
  • Assisted in planning and executing field trips, ensuring child safety
  • Shared details of children’s progress and activities with parents by writing up reports and participating in parent-minder sessions

Babysitter | January 2017 – February 2019

  • Provided babysitting services to multiple families, caring for children ranging from infants to 12-year-olds, often during evenings and weekends, ensuring a secure environment in the absence of parents
  • Engaged children in a variety of activities tailored to their age and interests, such as crafting, reading, and outdoor play, ensuring their physical and mental stimulation
  • Responded calmly and efficiently to any emergencies or issues, ensuring children’s safety and wellbeing at all times, and communicating effectively with parents when necessary


Rippenvale College, Rochester (2015-2017)
A-levels: English (B), French (A), and Textiles (C)

Maidenhead Academy, Rochester (2011-2015)
GCSEs: 10 A-C including Maths, Biology, and Physical and Health Education


  • Child safety & welfare
  • Behavioural management
  • Communication
  • Early childhood education
  • Nutrition
  • Emergency handling
  • Fluent French speaker


  • Level 3 Diploma in Childcare & Education, February 2019
  • Level 3 Paediatric First Aid, January 2019
  • Safeguarding Children Level 1, February 2017
  • Full driving licence, May 2016


  • Crocheting
  • Dogwalking
  • Learning new languages
  • Music
  • Puppeteering

How to write a nanny CV

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a CV in a way that best emphasises your strengths.

Love kids? Nannies look after young children, toddlers, and babies, either as live-in or visiting carers, making this a great job for you if you have a sociable, creative, and fun-loving personality.

That doesn’t mean it’s all playtime. Nannies are responsible for children’s safety and general well-being, meaning that employers (and parents) place a great deal of trust in who they hire.

So, to get the best nannying jobs, you’ll need a nanny CV that reassures parents that you have the right personal skills and training for the job — even if you have no previous experience in nannying.

Here are three tips to help your nanny CV make the right first impression:

1. Align your experience with the specific nanny job

Live-in nannies, daily nannies, rota nannies — different nanny jobs require different skills. You’ll increase your chances of getting hired if you relate your childcare experience and transferable skills to the specific job you’re applying for.

Before submitting your nanny CV, carefully read the job description to identify the following:

  • What kind of nanny role the employer is looking for
  • Special childcare needs
  • Specific skill or certification requirements

Then think about any examples from your professional experience and education that demonstrate these qualities. Include these compelling examples in your personal statement or work experience section as appropriate.

Use keywords from the job description. This tactic will help you build a more ATS-friendly CV and closely align your application with the employer’s expectations.

2. Highlight noteworthy nanny skills and certifications

In a pool of hopeful applicants, emphasising noteworthy skills can make you stand out and boost your value to employers.

Make sure your essential qualifications stand out by including a key skills section on the first page of your CV. This section gives the employer a quick overview of what you know, making it easy for them to see whether you have the right experience to take on their specific responsibilities.

If you have foreign language skills, completed paediatric first aid training, or are an excellent cook, make sure you include these abilities in your skills section to boost your appeal to employers.

An example CV skills section listing four skills that might appear on a nanny CV.
Your skills section should include any important certifications or expertise that you have.

Being able to drive a car is a useful skill to have as a nanny, as many roles involve child drop-off and collection responsibilities. So put your driving licence on your CV if you have one.

3. Show you’re a great fit with a compelling cover letter

Writing a cover letter will help you explain — in your own words — how your specific background and experience make you a great fit for the job.

This is especially true for your application to be a nanny because employers will be looking for evidence of your communication skills, passion for childcare, and friendly nature, all of which are abstract qualities that are hard to demonstrate on a 1–2 page CV.

Write a cover letter of 250–400 words that pinpoints your interest in the job and explains why you’re the best candidate out there. If you need help expressing yourself, using an online cover letter builder can help you overcome writer’s block and quickly put your passion into words.

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