Even if you’re a student with little experience, you can still make a great CV. This video presents the essentials you need to know to write a strong CV and gives you tips about how to make yours stand out:

Writing a CV as a student can be overwhelming — after all, it’s probably your first ever CV. To get help writing your CV, take a look at these 6 examples of student CVs:

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We also have job-specific CV examples you can check out for inspiration.

University student CV template (without experience)

Haven’t got any experience? Don’t worry — you can write a great CV anyway. Take a look at this no-experience student CV to see how to convince recruiting managers to consider your application:

A CV for a student without any work experience that instead describes their skills, education, and hobbies and interests.

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Enthusiastic and dedicated Art student studying for a Fine Art BFA (Hons) from Bristol University, seeking to contribute my passion for art and teaching to the Art Mentor role at Peterson Academy. With proven tutoring experience at a leading arts academy, I excel in tailoring methods and materials to meet the specific needs of individual students.


University of Bristol

Sept. 20xx–July 20xx
BFA (Hons) Bachelor of Fine Arts — expected graduation: July 20xx

Relevant Modules: Advanced Drawing and Painting, Sculpture and 3D Art, Contemporary Art Theory, Exhibition Design and Curation

Final Project: “Reverb: A Linocut Exploration of the Bristol Sound”

  • Caputred the vibrant essence of Bristol’s underground music scenes through a series of six linocut prints, each highlighting a different aspect of the city’s diverse subsultures

Stoke Newington College

Sept. 20xx–July 20xx

A-Levels: Art (A), Textiles (A), English Literature (A)


  • Technical skills: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, analytical, and organisational skills


  • Drawing
  • Pub quizzes
  • Tutoring friends


This applicant uses a one-page CV because they don’t have enough experience to fill two pages yet. The standard CV length in the UK is two pages but a one-page CV is fine if you’re a student.

Student CV example (work experience)

The candidate who wrote this CV example has some office-based work experience which they use to highlight their skills and achievements:

An example of a student CV with work experience.
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Dedicated student currently pursuing an MSc in Public Policy and Management at the University of London. Possess more than a year of experience interning for an MP, researching policy guidance, and drafting press releases and speeches. Excellent research and communication skills. Aiming to leverage my academic and professional experience to fill the Committee Assistant role at the London Assembly.





  • Oral and written communication
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Marketing
  • Documentation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Time management





LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS (expected graduation date May 20xx)
MSc Public Policy and Management

BSc (Hons) Political Science
Relevant Modules: European Political Theory, Public Policy, Introduction to Political Science, EU & UK Law

A-levels: Maths (A), German (A), Political Science (A)


Parliamentary Intern, October 20xx–June 20xx

  • Assisted with drafting and editing local press releases and speeches for public gatherings, as well as created briefings for upcoming meetings with fellow parliamentary and cabinet members
  • Acted as diary manager, recording and organising daily meetings, events, and official visits
  • Answered an average of 20+ calls and greeted 10+ visitors daily
  • Conducted research on policy guidance and marketing efforts in relation to re-election campaign

TESCO | London, UK
Cashier, January 20xx–May 20xx

  • Completed 300+ check-out transactions with customers daily at Tesco location in South London
  • Greeted and served 500+ customers daily with a polite and friendly attitude, addressing their concerns and directing them to products they need
  • Consistently promoted in-store credit cards and Tesco Clubcard programmes
  • Personally added 100+ customers to Tesco’s Clubcard programme, and sold 40+ credit cards during my employment period


  • Amateur guitar player: Currently playing in a local London band
  • Avid swimmer: Participated in 3 local competitions, placing 2nd place twice


Secondary school student CV example

Here’s a CV sample written by a secondary school student who’s applying for a customer service job. Use this sample for ideas as you write your own CV.

A secondary school student CV example featuring a large education section and two extracurricular activity entries.
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Personable and hardworking student, recently receiving excellent GCSE scores in Maths (A), Geography (B), English (A), and ICT (A). Highly adept at teamwork and communication due to experience working with PETA and serving as secondary school football captain. Awarded Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. Aiming to leverage communication and interpersonal skills to fill the Part-Time Customer Service position at DVLA Swansea.


A-Levels: Welsh (A), Maths (A), Geology (B), Government (B)
GCSEs: English (A), Welsh (A), Maths (A), ICT (A), Geography (B)


Captain, Football Club Sales Associate, Dec 20xx–present

  • Lead and mentored 12+ member football team, using leadership and teaching skills to coach them on proper plays and manoeuvers
  • Under my leadership and guidance as captain, the team has won 12 consecutive matches against opposing schools and achieved a Burton House’s House Cup victory


  • Participated in a local community project to relocate a nursing home in Cowbridge, personally assisting 100+ elderly patients during a 6-month period in packing and moving
  • Helped 20+ OAPs in the local community with gardening
  • Fundraised £200 for PETA, 40% higher than previous DofE participants
  • Collaborated with a 6-person team to navigate Gwendraeth valley, helping pitch tents, and cook food for a 3-day, 2-night trek




  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication
  • Bilingual: English & Welsh
  • Driving licence (category B)
  • Time management
  • Conflict resolution



  • Orienteering
  • Cooking (Jam making)
  • Gardening
  • Cars
  • Football



Student CV example (volunteering experience)

Here’s a good example of a CV for a university student. Although the applicant only has volunteering experience, their clean, modern CV layout and emphasis on their skills and volunteering experience show they’re ready to be a business analyst intern:

A CV for a student who has no work experience but who has volunteering experience.
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Highly motivated BSc Business Management student at the University of Leeds on track for 1st classification. More than a year of previous volunteer marketing experience at a local Leed’s family shop conducting business analytics and promoting marketing campaigns to attract new customers. Looking to leverage my excellent academic background and experience to fill the business analyst internship position at Unilever.


  • Business analytics
  • Marketing
  • Drafting and editing copy
  • Oral and written communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Teamwork


University of Leeds (expected graduation: May 20xx)
BSc (Hons) Business Management
Relevant Modules: Introduction to Business Management, Business Ethics, Financial Management, Operations

Leeds Sixth Form College (20xx–20xx)
A-Levels: Maths (A), Spanish (A), Economics (A)

Leeds West Academy (20xx-20xx)
GCSEs: 10 Grades 9–4 including Maths, English, Statistics, & Business


Volunteer, January 20xx – April 20xx

  • Volunteered at a local charity shop, conducting marketing research
  • Drafted and published copy for store advertisements placed in the local newspaper
  • Created 3 separate customer questionnaires aimed at gauging interest in different consumer products
  • Updated in-store product offerings based on survey results, increasing foot traffic by 30% and revenue by 10% (£20,000 annually)


  • Tech enthusiast: Built 10+ gaming PCs for friends and family, and have experience troubleshooting technical and software problems
  • Avid gamer: Regularly participate in gaming contests


Student CV example for a part-time job

This applicant is looking for a part-time job. To argue that they’ve got the experience and skills to fit the role, they talk about their experience running a university society:

A black-and-white CV for a student part-time job with a prominent experience section that highlights experience relevant to the targeted job.

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Compassionate and dedicated veterinary science student at the University of Edinburgh seeking to apply my time management and organisational skills to the part-time Data Entry role at the University of Edinburgh Student Union. Honed administrative skills as secretary of the University of Edinburgh Veterinary Science Society. Looking to support my studies through a part-time role.


University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh | 20xx–20xx

MVM&S Veterinary Science — upper second-class honours

Royal Edinburgh Academy
Edinburgh | 20xx–20xx

Advanced Highers: Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A)

N5s: 8 Grades A–C


University of Edinburgh Veterinary Science Society
Secretary, October 20xx–present

  • Scheduled meetings and events
  • Created and distributed promotional materials for society events, leading to a 20% rise in attendance for key seminars and workshops
  • Maintained meticulous records of meeting minutes and membership data, contributing to the society’s operational transparency and accountability
  • Organised annual AGM and networking events, providing valuable industry insights and professional development opportunities for society members

Leith Road Veterinary Clinic | Leith
Volunteer, May 20xx–July 20xx

  • Cared for and monitored animals at the veterinary clinic, gaining hands-on experience in animal handling and welfare practices
  • Prepared examination rooms and organised medical supplies
  • Engaged with pet owners to provide compassionate support and information, enhancing customer service and contributing to a positive clinic environment


  • Attention to detail
  • Time management
  • Organisational skills
  • Interpersonal skills


Blank student CV template (copy-and-paste)

Copy and paste this blank CV template for students into your word processor (for example, Google Docs) or download it for Word. Then, replace the templated information with your own details as you go down the page:

A blank CV example in a purple colour scheme that users can download for free and fill in.

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Email | Phone | Address | Social Media (LinkedIn, etc.)


First, mention what you studied and explain how your educational background ties in with the job you’re applying for. Then, mention any important skills you’ve got that you saw mentioned in the job advertisement. In your final sentence, state that you’re looking forward to applying these skills and your degree or qualification to the [Job Title] at [Company Name].


Job Title | Month 20xx–Present
COMPANY, Town/City

  • Bullet point 1, starting with an action verb in the present tense and including a hard number
  • Bullet point 2, starting with an action verb in the present tense and including a hard number
  • Bullet point 3, starting with an action verb in the present tense and including a hard number
  • Bullet point 4, starting with an action verb in the present tense and including a hard number

Job Title | Month 20xx–Month 20xx
COMPANY, Town/City

  • Bullet point 1, starting with an action verb in the past tense and including a hard number
  • Bullet point 2, starting with an action verb in the past tense and including a hard number
  • Bullet point 3, starting with an action verb in the past tense and including a hard number
  • Bullet point 4, starting with an action verb in the past tense and including a hard number

Job Title | Month 20xx–Month 20xx
COMPANY, Town/City

  • Bullet point 1, starting with an action verb in the past tense and including a hard number
  • Bullet point 2, starting with an action verb in the past tense and including a hard number
  • Bullet point 3, starting with an action verb in the past tense and including a hard number
  • Bullet point 4, starting with an action verb in the past tense and including a hard number


University of XX (20xx–20xx)
Degree Title
Degree Classification (1st, 2:1 etc.)

Relevant Modules: List some relevant modules from your undergraduate or postgraduate course here. Relevant modules are those with a link to the job you’re seeking.

Dissertation Topic: Add the title/topic of your dissertation here.

Secondary School/College (20xx–20xx)

A-Levels: Subejct (A), Subject 2 (A), Subject 3 (A)

GCSEs: # Grades 9–4, including Maths, English, and ICT


  • Hard skill 1
  • Hard skill 2
  • Hard skill 3
  • Hard skill 4
  • Soft skill 1
  • Soft skill 2
  • Soft skill 3
  • Soft skill 4


  • Hobby with job-relevant skill
  • Interest with job-relevant skill
  • Hobby with job-relevant skill


Studying in India and looking for a job there? Use a fresher resume template instead.

More student CV examples & templates

If you’re writing your student CV, you might want to look at some of these examples and templates to get inspiration. Take a look by clicking on the links below:

If you’re writing your CV in Google Docs, check out our pick of Google Docs CV templates for creating an eye-catching yet professional job application.

CV summary examples for students

Writing a CV introduction (called a CV summary, CV profile, or personal statement) is tricky if you don’t have any work experience. Instead, focus on your other accomplishments, whether they’re based on successes in your student societies, student union, or degree course.

A good CV introduction summarises your most marketable skills, experience, and qualifications, and is designed to get employers’ attention and make them keep reading your CV.

When writing a CV introduction, outline your job-specific:

  • experience (if you don’t have professional experience, voluntary or internship experience is fine)
  • academic experience
  • skills and accomplishments
  • reason for applying

Here are some examples of well-written student personal statements that advertise the candidates’ relevant abilities:

CV profile example for a student who’s left school at 16


As a school leaver with Grade 8s in Maths, English, and ICT at GCSE, I’m eager to embark on a part-time data entry role while concurrently pursuing a BTEC in Information Technology. My strong academic performance, reflected in my grades, coupled with my analytical skills, showcases my dedication to excellence and readiness to contribute to your team’s success in the IT field.


CV personal statement for a student with A-Levels


As a recent A-Levels school leaver with top grades, including A* in Chemistry and A in Biology, I’m eager to begin my career as a barman. My academic achievements reflect my commitment to excellence, and I’m dedicated to providing outstanding service, creating a memorable atmosphere for patrons, and continually honing my skills in the hospitality industry.


CV personal statement for a university student seeking a part-time job


Currently pursuing a BA in English, I’m keen to bring my communication and attention-to-detail skills to a part-time cashier role at Co-op Food. My academic experience has developed my ability to handle information accurately, making me an asset for efficient and customer-focused service while maintaining my academic commitments.


CV personal statement for a student who’s graduating


As a recent graduate with a 2:1 in Journalism from the University of Middlesex and former President of the Creative Writing Society, I’m enthusiastic about applying my strong writing, leadership, and creative skills to a junior journalist role at Buzzfeed UK. I’m eager to contribute my fresh perspective and dedication to delivering engaging content to a wider audience.


How to write a good student CV

Here are four ways to write an excellent student CV that’ll boost your chances of finding work quickly.

1. Get help online

You’re already online getting help writing your student CV, but there are even more resources you can use to create an effective student CV.

First, you can download CV templates designed for the UK and fill them in with your own information.

You can also use a CV maker to build your CV in just a few minutes. CV makers ask you some simple questions and then show you your CV in a variety of designs. Once you’ve picked one, you can download your CV in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

A comparison between a dull CV and an eye-catching CV, with a button that leads to the CV Genius CV maker.

2. Showcase your relevant skills

Employers will want to know what skills you can offer. To highlight what you can do, list your skills on your CV in a dedicated section.

As a student, you might not have much work experience. But you can still impress employers by including transferable skills from other areas of your life, such as your:

This example CV key skills section on a business analyst internship CV shows how to showcase skills on a CV:

An example of key skills on a university student CV for a business analyst intern applicant

3. Display your academic background

Complete your CV with a detailed education (or ‘qualifications’) section. Your grades are the main thing employers will look for if you don’t have work experience yet, so highlight your achievements and marks.

When you’re describing your university degree on your CV, include the:

  • university name and location (town/city)
  • dates (if still studying, state your expected graduation date)
  • degree title and classification (e.g., 2:1)
  • relevant modules (classes that are directly relevant to the position you’re applying for)

This example shows you how to list a bachelor’s or master’s degree on a student CV. This candidate is applying for a market research position (note the relevant modules they choose to highlight):

University of the West of England, Bristol (expected graduation: May 20xx)
BSc (Hons) Business Management

Relevant Modules: Research Methods for Business, Market Analysis for Private Investors, Introductory Research Project

For your secondary education, list your:

  • secondary school or sixth form name
  • dates attended
  • GCSE grades 9 to 4 (or A*–C before 2017)
  • A-Level grades

For your GCSEs, mention whether you’ve got grades 4 or better (a C before 2017) in English, Maths, and ICT to prove you’ve got basic literacy, numeracy, and computer skills.

However, when you list your A-Levels, include any that are relevant to the job you’re seeking. Follow this example when you list your secondary education on your CV:

Peterborough Science Academy & Sixth Form Centre (20xx–20xx)
A-Levels: English Literature (A), Politics & Government (A), History (B)
GCSEs: 10 9–4 including Maths, English, & ICT

4. Highlight your relevant experience

Even if you don’t have any professional work experience on your CV, create a Relevant Experience section that describes your:

For each experience you list, include the:

  • company/organisation name
  • position title
  • dates
  • 2–4 bullets starting with action verbs and describing how you used your skills to get results

Here’s a volunteer experience example on a student CV:

Volunteer, January 20xx–June 20xx

  • Drafted and published copy for charity shop’s advertisements placed in the local newspaper
  • Created 3 separate donor questionnaires aimed at gauging interest in various projects seeking to cut child homelessness
  • Updated charity shop’s in-store layout based on market research, increasing foot traffic by 15% and revenue by 4.7% (£30,000 annually)

Done writing your CV? Don’t forget you’ll need to write a cover letter too. Recruiting managers expect to see these two documents together to get more context as to why you’re applying. If you’re pushed for time, use a cover letter builder.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about writing a CV for a student:

1. Is it bad if you don’t have any experience on a CV?

No, it’s not bad if you don’t have any experience on a CV. Employers understand that students will have little formal work experience.

Aside from formal work experience, you can mention skills you gained at school or in university as well as from voluntary experience and extracurricular activities.

2. How do you say you’re willing to learn on a CV?

To say you’re willing to learn on a CV, use words like ‘curious’, ‘ambitious’, and ‘eager to learn’ to describe yourself in your CV personal statement. Words like this will make it clear to employers that you’re looking forward to learning on the job.

You can also show some proof of your willingness to learn. For example, add any qualifications you’ve got that show you’ve learnt something new outside of your primary job or studies. For example, if you studied German at university but took a drawing class in your free time, it might be worth mentioning your drawing class to showcase your willingness to learn.

Samuel Johns, CPRW

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