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Personal Assistant CV Template (Text Format)


Personal assistant with 4+ years of experience in handling administrative needs for senior management. Well versed in implementing procedures and developing strategies to meet operational requirements of executives. Strong ability to collaborate with colleagues to develop a productive work culture and help [Company Name] thrive.


Red Ribbon Asset Management, Manchester
Personal Assistant, December 2022–Present

  • Provide secretarial support to senior executive and effectively manage day-to-day administrative tasks
  • Manage all office communications and handle correspondence with internal departments and external stakeholders
  • Maintain calendar and diary that covers 4 departments’ operations, send reminders, and ensure executive attends all appointments
  • Organise senior executive’s domestic and international travel, including managing all boarding and lodging arrangements

Techquarters, Manchester
Administrative Assistant, May 2018–November 2022

  • Supported office manager to effectively manage all office operations and maintain workplace efficiency
  • Coordinated with internal departments and maintained open communication channels to increase productivity
  • Monitored operational performance of office and prepared monthly reports for senior management
  • Aided in migrating 100+ manual records to computerised system to ensure instant access to all files and documents


University of Manchester (2014–2018)

BA (Hons) Business Management, upper second-class honours (2:1)


Interpreting Management, Organisation Studies, Leaders and Leadership, Multinational Organisation, Cultural Environments

King David School, Manchester (2007–2014)

  • A-Levels: Maths (A), French (A), English Literature (A)
  • GCSEs: 10 A*–C including Maths, English, and ICT


  • Communication
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Organisation
  • Analytical thinking
  • Administrative support
  • Office management


  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Calligraphy
  • Morris dancing
  • Reading fantasy novels
  • Whiff-whaff

3 tips for making an effective personal assistant CV

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a CV in a way that best emphasises your strengths.

As a personal assistant, you know better than anyone how to support and organise someone else’s life. But when it comes to creating a personal assistant CV that reflects your own unique abilities and experience, knowing where to start can be challenging.

That’s where our expert advice comes in. Whether you’re an aspiring personal assistant or an experienced professional, we teach you three ways to write a standout personal assistant CV in that’ll get you more interviews:

1. Make your top personal assistant-related skills stand out

As a personal assistant, you need a combination of hard and soft skills to perform the job well. Hard skills on a CV are measurable technical abilities that you might’ve learnt from training or practical experience. By contrast, soft skills are important qualities related to your personality that show companies you’d be reliable and easy to work with.

Here are some hard and soft skills that employers typically want to see in personal assistants:

Hard skills to list on your personal assistant CV

Microsoft Office proficiency: Working with spreadsheets, databases and word processing software is common for personal assistants, so list this skill if you have it.

Project management: Personal assistants manage complex projects, so skills in this area are essential.

Research and analysis: Gathering information quickly and accurately is a top skill that companies seek in a personal assistant.

Technical skills: Have you learnt any general IT skills? Most personal assistant roles require experience with technical equipment, such as teleconferencing systems, email platforms, or video editing software, so list the tools or platforms you’re familiar with using.

Budget management: You’ll increase your chances of getting hired if you have experience managing budgets, especially for events or projects.

CV soft skills for a personal assistant role

Communication: List your excellent verbal and written communication abilities to convey that you can comfortably liaise with colleagues and clients.

Organisation: Personal assistants must be able to prioritise tasks and manage their time effectively.

Attention to detail: Paying close attention to your work is key, especially when scheduling appointments and managing documents.

Interpersonal skills: Being able to create a positive working relationship with your colleagues and clients will be important in your role, so mention your interpersonal abilities.

Problem solving: Coming up with creative solutions to challenges and being resourceful are qualities that employers want to see in an applicant.

Identify the specific abilities that employers seek in PA job adverts so you’ll know how to tailor your CV to highlight those sought-after skills.

For instance, if an employer requires excellent communication skills, emphasise how you’ve built relationships with colleagues and clients by saying:

Successfully liaised with 15 key stakeholders to schedule in-person meetings and events

And if you’re interested in proving your hard skills, here’s how an applicant showed their ability to budget:

Accurately managed a budget of £50,000 for annual company conference, including negotiating vendor contracts, tracking expenses, and ensuring timely payments to vendors

By highlighting your technical and soft skills, you show employers that you can perform the job well. Also, tailoring your CV to the specific skills employers look for increases your chances of landing your ideal personal assistant role.

2. Quantify your personal assistant CV with relevant examples

To make your personal assistant CV more impactful, quantify your achievements and work experience by highlighting numbers that demonstrate what you’ve done in the past. Doing so  highlights your abilities, provides evidence of your value, and gives you talking points for an interview.

Here are some examples of when to use numbers on your personal assistant CV:

  • When describing how you’ve managed complex projects, include the number of team members supervised or the total budget managed. For instance, ‘Led a team of 5 to organise a dog charity event that raised over £10,000’.
  • When highlighting your calendar management abilities, include the number of appointments scheduled or conflicts resolved. For example, ‘Efficiently managed the calendars of 3 senior executives and resolved scheduling conflicts for 50+ meetings per week’.
  • When discussing event planning, add the number of attendees or budget worked with. Try writing a bullet point like: “Expertly planned and executed a company-wide conference for 500 attendees with a budget of £72,000’.
  • When showcasing your travel arrangement skills, list the number of trips you coordinated or the different travel arrangements you made. For instance, ‘Successfully arranged international travel for 10 executives, including flights, hotels, and ground transport’.
  • When listing your administrative skills, put down the number of emails you responded to or documents you managed. You could say: ‘Managed a high-volume email inbox, responding to 110+ emails per day and processing 50+ documents per week’.

By including relevant examples with numbers and statistics, you provide concrete evidence of your work history and qualifications. This approach helps you stand out from applicants who describe their experience in general terms. Additionally, it highlights to employers the value you could bring to their company as a personal assistant.

3. Use ChatGPT to generate your CV

If you’re struggling to craft your personal assistant CV, ChatGPT (an AI chatbot) could help you generate content.

Once you finish editing the content of your CV, add it to a modern UK CV template to create a professional-looking application.

Start by writing a concise request (also known as a command or prompt) that outlines what you want to communicate.

For example, you could prompt ChatGPT to generate a summary of your experience as a personal assistant or suggest effective ways to highlight your organisational skills on your CV.

ChatGPT’s response may include suggestions such as:

  • using bullet points to break down your experience
  • providing examples of how you managed complex projects or scheduled appointments
  • using action verbs to convey your achievements

An example of a ChatGPT command for an applicant writing a CV personal introduction could be:

An applicant's request to ChatGPT

I’m applying for a personal assistant role at Page Personnel. Please generate a three-sentence CV personal statement of my experience as a personal assistant in the UK, including my key skills, responsibilities and achievements. Mention my 4 years of experience, attention to detail, excellent interpersonal skills, along with my ability to manage large budgets. Make it persuasive.

Here’s an example of what I’m looking for:

Personable teaching assistant with 7+ years of experience in the classroom. Recognised for my ability to help pupils with special needs prepare for KS2 SATs, with all to date gaining ‘AS’ outcomes. Hoping to bring an exceptional standard of support to teachers at Green Lane Primary School.

ChatGPT’s response may include a well-crafted summary of your experience that showcases your skills and experience in the best possible way, like so:

An example of an applicant's command to ChatGPT which reveals a generated answer that the candidate can use for their personal assistant CV personal statement
Be clear and specific when writing your requests to ChatGPT.

By using ChatGPT to generate your CV, you can save time and ensure that your CV is well-crafted and effective in highlighting your skills and experience to employers.

Alternatively, use a CV maker, which features AI optimised for writing and formatting an effective personal assistant CV for you. You can also use a cover letter builder to create a cover letter that introduces your PA CV.

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