Ensure your CV layout is structured to best highlight your unique experience and life situation.

Customer Service CV Template (Text Format)


Enthusiastic and driven professional with 6+ years of experience providing exceptional customer service and exceeding sales goals in a retail environment. Skilled communicator and problem solver with demonstrated experience leading a team of 15 associates and leveraging patience and professionalism to reduce customer escalation rates and boost customer retention.


Customer Service Manager, December 2021–Present
NEXT, Leeds

  • Direct a cross-functional team of 15+ customer service associates and representatives while setting personal and team sales goals
  • Improved customer shopping experience by streamlining returns and refund processes, increasing satisfaction rate by 35%
  • Collaborate with the supervisor to train associates on how to handle escalated problems, reducing customer escalation rate by 15%
  • Onboarded and mentored 4 new customer service representatives, receiving glowing feedback on management style in all cases

Customer Service Associate, May 2019–November 2021
House of Fraser, Leeds

  • Attended and responded to 75+ calls daily from customers regarding product usage, billing issues, and company information
  • Provided information and responded to product/service queries in a courteous manner, enhancing new customer NPS scores by 12%
  • Maintained 99% service rate and <3% abandonment for the department
  • Logged customer orders using Lime, ensuring data entry was consistent and error-free
  • Processed refunds and made billing adjustments based on information from billing

Customer Service Representative, April 2017–May 2019
The Spring, Leeds

  • Played a key role as part of a 10-member team in maintaining an organised and customer-friendly store
  • Met and exceeded all assigned sales goals, increasing sales growth by 20% in 12 months
  • Achieved Customer Service Associate of the Year Award 3 years in a row
  • Consistently exceeded personal and store KPIs and individual targets by 25%


Regent’s University London (2014–2017)
BA (Hons) Business Management, upper second class honours (2:1)

Relevant Modules: Management Research and Analysis, Managing in the Digital Workplace, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Leadership in Organisations, Strategic Management

Dissertation Topic: Implementation of Effective Sales Strategies

King Edward VII Grammar School, Sheffield (2007–2014)

A-levels: Maths (A), French (A), English Literature (A)

GCSEs: 10 A-C including Maths, English, Combined Science, and Geography


  • Expert organisational skills
  • Skilled with Point of Sale software (Shopify, Lightspeed)
  • Conversational French speaker
  • Upselling
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Time management


  • Avid cyclist, regularly participating in regional races
  • Amateur viola player
  • Bouldering

6 tips for writing the perfect customer service CV

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a CV in a way that best emphasises your strengths.

People expect a lot from customer service workers.

According to a Salesforce report on the future of customer service, 60% of industry professionals say customer expectations have increased over the past couple of years, while 94% of customers say that good customer service helps determine whether they’ll continue using a company’s products or services.

In the face of rising service expectations, customer service employers are under increasing pressure to find employees who can balance speed and service quality.

So if you’re applying for a UK customer service job in 2024, you need to know how to write a perfect CV that emphasises your strengths.

Thankfully, if you follow these six tips for making a CV, you’ll be ready to hit Submit on your application in no time:

1. Use a professional CV layout

By creating a well-structured CV layout, you’ll make it easy for the employer to scan for key information. A professional CV should have a:

  • header with your name in bolded, extra-large text, and your contact information
  • personal statement (2–3 sentences or bullet points) that summarises your most marketable skills
  • education section that includes your most recent qualifications and highest level of formal education
  • work experience section with bulleted lists of your top achievements for each relevant job you did
  • skills section outlining what you can do in a bulleted list
  • hobbies and interests section to tell the employer who you are outside of work

Save time by using an online CV maker to quickly lay out your CV using smart content suggestions and professional, automatic formatting.

2. Make your customer service achievements shine with data

Including numbers and the right metrics on your customer service CV helps the employer understand how skilled you are in different areas.

Here are some examples of metrics to put on your customer service CV:

  • Customer satisfaction rates
  • Number of calls, chats, emails, and in-person customers dealt with daily
  • Number of people managed or trained
  • Amount of money handled daily
  • Examples of times you resolved customer issues
  • Examples of times you calmed angry customers

Add your relevant data and examples to your personal statement and work experience sections.

Here’s a good customer service CV sample that includes key data:

An example of a customer service work experience entry that uses hard data to measure the applicant's achievements and responsibilities.
Metrics like customer satisfaction help strengthen your customer service CV.

3. Identify the right customer service skills

Putting the right customer service skills on your CV helps align your application with the employer’s needs, making you look like a great fit for the role.

Customer service jobs require both hard skills (showing what you’ve learned from practical job experience and training) as well as soft skills (describing how you interact with others in a workplace setting).

Here are a few examples of skills customer service employers often look for:


  • Computer Skills (e.g., Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Foreign language skills
  • Social media skills
  • Communication skills (e.g., building rapport)
  • Data entry skills
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software (e.g., Salesforce)
  • Empathy
  • Chat software (LiveChat and Freshdesk)
  • Typing skills (e.g., a high WPM rate)
  • Problem-solving skills


To show the employer what you can do with your customer service skills, include specific examples of how you’ve used them in your work experience section and personal statement. Here’s what such an example might look like:

Maintained customer satisfaction rating of over 95% by providing friendly, personable service

4. Emphasise your language skills

Speaking multiple languages is a huge asset to customer service teams, even if the specific role you’re applying for doesn’t require them. To employers, your language skills are a sign you’re culturally flexible and able to support the needs of a diverse customer base.

If the customer service job you’re applying for asks for specific language skills, make sure that the employer knows that you have them by mentioning your relevant languages in your personal statement.

However, if your language skills aren’t an essential requirement, list them in your skills section or your hobbies and interests section. This strategy will help you present yourself as a multi-talented applicant who is worth bringing in for an interview.

5. Write your personal statement last

Your personal statement (also called a personal profile) goes at the top of your CV, under the header. As the first part of your CV that the employer will read, it should highlight your most relevant professional information and align your CV closely with the specific job opportunity.

You’ll find it much easier to highlight your most hireable qualities once you’ve already outlined your skills, experience, and qualifications in your other CV sections.

Once you’ve decided what to include in your other CV sections, consider which details will be most interesting to the hiring employer and work those qualities into your 2 to 3-sentence introduction.

For example, this personal statement is a perfect match for a customer service role:

Highly motivated customer service supervisor with 5+ years of experience in the retail industry. Proven record of mentoring frontline employees, resulting in a 20% increase in customer satisfaction. Seeking a management position at a retailer that shares my drive to provide personable, attentive service.

6. Show why you deserve an interview by writing a customer service cover letter

Writing a cover letter can help you outline the value you offer the employer and what motivated you to apply for the job.

Customer service cover letters should be 200–400 words long and never more than one A4 side. Begin with a concise cover letter opening that summarises who you are and why you’re interested in the job. Then continue by highlighting some of your key achievements and explaining why you’re a great fit for the position.

If you’re unsure what a cover letter is or how best to put yours together, you can check role-specific cover letter examples to get a feel for how your cover letter should look.

Including a cover letter with your application is always worth the extra effort, but it can take a while to write a good one from scratch. So if you’re concerned about not having enough time, you can always generate one using a cover letter builder.

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