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Stay at Home Mum CV Template (Text Format)


Experienced marketing specialist and mum of two with over two years of experience at a leading agency. Expert in writing clean and engaging copy and creating thorough content plans that accelerate reach and engagement. Seeking to apply my creative skills to a full-time digital marketing position with opportunities to progress to a management position.


IT Skills

  • Completed Google Analytics Certification (2021)
  • Used MailChimp suite to design newsletters for St Mary’s Primary School Parent–Teacher Association, increasing parent participation by 20%
  • Proficient in graphic design platforms (Canva), using platform to design promotional flyers for local Animal Trust fundraiser
  • Confident using Excel and relevant formulas to plan budgets and manage household finance

Written & Oral Communication

  • Wrote engaging print and digital advertising as in-house copywriter for Radar Advertising — twice received Writer of the Month Award
  • Skilled in breaking down complicated ideas and concepts so that they can easily be understood by younger audiences
  • Skilled at public speaking and giving clear instruction, repeatedly invited to help coordinate school trips and parent–teacher meetings at St Mary’s

Planning & Organisation

  • A master at coordinating mealtimes, homework, and school prep, ensuring that kids are always presentable and ready to be where they need to be
  • Resourceful costume crafter, ensured kids could participate in fêtes, activity days, and school plays without incurring unnecessary expenses
  • Scheduled meetings for St Mary’s Parent-Teacher Association and proposed meeting agendas for each monthly meeting


City College Southampton (2011–2014)
BA (Hons) Visual and Creative Arts — upper second class honours (2:1)
Relevant Modules: Creative Practical Skills, Communication Skills in Creative and Visual Arts

Portsmouth High School, Portsmouth (2004–2011)
A-levels: Art (B), Textiles (B), English Literature (B)
GCSEs: 10 A-C including Maths, English, Combined Science, and Geography


Domestic Engineer (2016–Present)
Home, Bath

Volunteer Events Coordinator (2020–Present)
St Mary’s Primary School, Bath

Copywriter (2014–2016)
Radar Advertising, Bristol

How to write a stay-at-home mum CV

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a CV in a way that best emphasises your strengths.

The decision to return to work after a childcare break brings a lot of questions. How do you justify an employment gap? What do you do if you haven’t worked in years or have no experience at all? How do you put ‘stay-at-home mum’ (or ‘dad’) on a CV? Should you even mention it in the first place?

Firstly, being a stay-at-home mum (or dad) shouldn’t take away from your skills and experience. Research has shown that returning mothers who are upfront about their childcare breaks are significantly more likely to be hired than those who hide them.

Regardless of when you quit your last job, an optimised stay-at-home mum CV will emphasise your professional capabilities over when you were last in the workplace.

Here are three tips to help you write a stay-at-home mum CV that streamlines your return to the workplace.

1. Give yourself a job title that reflects your ambitions

A job title is a name that describes your professional position. It appears in the header of your CV, right after your full name, so it’s one of the first things employers will see.

Whether you describe yourself as a parent in your job title depends on your immediate professional goals.

If you’re applying for a technical position or one you already have significant experience and certifications in, create a job title that’s relevant to that role. For example, if you’re applying for a PR job, you might describe yourself as a ‘communications specialist.’

Describing yourself as a parent can be helpful if you’re applying for a role that primarily requires transferable skills — skills that are used across industries. Here are just a few examples of jobs where transferable skills are highly valuable:

If you do describe yourself as a parent in your job title, avoid dated or unprofessional titles like ‘housewife’, ‘househusband’, or ‘stay-at-home mummy.’

Also, be sure to highlight your relevant skills in your personal profile and skills sections.

2. Choose the right format for your stay-at-home mum CV

The best CV format for a stay-at-home mum or dad CV depends on how much formal relevant experience you have.

If you have little relevant experience or want to transition to a different career, use a skills-based CV format. If you’re continuing a career you already have experience in, use a chronological CV.

Skills-Based CVs

In a skills-based CV (also known as a functional CV), you focus on your relevant skills rather than previous work experience. Focus on your skills by listing your skills section after your personal statement but before your work experience and education sections.

Here’s how to write your skills correctly:

  • Think of key skills that you’ve gained in previous roles, during your education, or when accomplishing other achievements
  • Read through the job description and job descriptions for similar roles to find out what employers are looking for
  • List three to four skills that are essential to the open position
  • For each skill, include three to four bullet points explaining why you’re capable of this skill and list relevant achievements you made using the skill

As your work history is less prominent on a skills-based CV, the employer is encouraged to think about what you’re capable of doing rather than where you worked previously.

By focusing on your skills, you can highlight the achievements and skills you accumulated during your childcare break and easily tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for:

An example of a UK stay at home mum CV written using the skills-based format.
You can add skills and achievements you made during your career break.

Reverse Chronological CV

You’re probably familiar with the chronological CV format. It lists work experience first under the personal statement and lists previous jobs in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent job.

You may wonder if a chronological CV is the right choice for a parent returning to the workplace, as gaps between employment are visible. However, a chronological CV can emphasise the extent of your experience if you have several years of relevant work history.

Moreover, employers understand that childcare is a valid reason to take an extended break between jobs.

Employment gaps only hurt applications when they’re frequent and unaccounted for.

That said, you can downplay the length of your employment gaps if you only list the years of your employment rather than the months and years.

You should also remember that as parental leave is a legal right in the UK, you can factor it into your official employment time if you were using shared parental leave while working in a previous role.

3. Write an attention-grabbing personal profile

Your personal profile, also known as a personal statement, is a professional self-introduction highlighting your notable experience, skills, achievements, and career direction.

Whether you highlight your parental role or focus on your professional history, it should grab the employer’s attention and encourage them to thoroughly read your CV.

Your personal profile should describe your:

  • work experience
  • expertise
  • achievements
  • career objectives

As a parent returning to the workforce, you may choose to highlight some of the transferable skills you developed during your break. Transferable skills aren’t specific to a single industry, nor do you necessarily learn them on the job. Highly valuable transferable skills such as communication, time management, and leadership can all be highlighted while describing your role as a parent.

This personal profile will grab the employer's attention

Stay-at-home mum with 6+ years of experience in customer service. Excellent track record at home and on the job of responding to complaints and unexpected incidents in a calm and reassuring manner. With leadership experience as both a team leader and volunteer coordinator at my local community centre, I am seeking to bring my well-rounded skill set to a remote management position.

When considering whether to include parental skills in your personal profile, read the job description. If the employer is looking for a transferable skill that you can demonstrate by describing your parental experience, then leading with “stay-at-home mum” may be what helps you get the role.

Remember to also make a cover letter that goes into more detail about your stay-at-home-mum experience.

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Seb Morgan is a Career Counsellor for CV Genius, where he helps job seekers and professionals get more out of their careers. With over 7 years of experience in business and lifestyle journalism, he's written for a stack of careers-focused publications, including Oxbridge Home Learning, Study International, theHRDirector, and Employee Benefit News, and his expertise includes skill development, interview preparation, and CV and cover letter writing. West Midlands born and raised, Seb has since lived, worked, and studied in 4 countries across 2 continents. He speaks 4 languages and has survived job interviews in 3 of them. He currently also freelances as a travel and culture writer. Reach him at [sebastian] @ [cvgenius.com] or via LinkedIn.