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Office Manager CV Template (Text Format)


Highly organised Office Manager with proven excellence in administration, supervision, and office management. Adept at setting up meetings, streamlining processes, coaching and managing personnel, and establishing office protocols that ensure efficiency. Possess the capacity to multitask while having good analytical and communication skills.


Office Manager
Glowreal PLC, Sep 2020–Present, Manchester

  • Execute administrative support services for 100+ employees, including budgeting, payroll, purchasing, department records, and HR functions
  • Create project-specific spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations
  • Successfully implemented a revised training program for new office staff to help improve staff retention rate to 89%
  • Review policies and procedures to determine adjustments needed to maintain departmental efficiency and reduce staff turnover by 25%
  • Recruited, trained, and onboarded 25 new workers, providing initial support that accelerated staff integration
  • Increased efficiencies by 27% by streamlining inter-office communications and developing strong working relationships at all organisational levels and with customers

Office Manager
Joy & Jane Inc., Jun 2018–Aug 2020, Salford

  • Coordinated and organised office operations in a high-volume sales environment to achieve 87% and 73% boosts in revenue in 2019 and 2020, respectively
  • Implemented an online system to handle data, expedite projects, and combine procedures, thereby streamlining workflow and increasing efficiency
  • Established inventory management and standardised ordering processes by negotiating more affordable supplier contracts, reducing office expenses by £35K
  • Reduced labour hours by 2.5 hours per week for 46 employees by managing operations and delegating daily tasks
  • Saved 15% on supplies by negotiating special discounts with vendors, tracking inventory, and ordering in bulk
  • Developed an efficient team through performance feedback, annual appraisals, and initial support, accelerating staff absorption by 20%

Office Assistant
Mc Redmond LTD., Jun 2015–May 2018, Salford

  • Managed appointment scheduling, meeting preparation, and report compilation for a fast-paced IT company
  • Created office procedures that reduced lead times for processing garbage by 53% while achieving organisational goals and efficient task scheduling
  • Created all daily work schedules, monthly reports, and an updated appointment calendar, increasing efficiency by 27%
  • Facilitated promotional and marketing campaigns that increased customer retention by 22% and stimulated new contract growth
  • Implemented new office protocols that resulted in a 25% decrease in material waste and assisted with new hire training and other human resources tasks


Manchester University | May 2015, Manchester
BSc in Business Administration

  • Honours: Upper Second-Class (2:1)
  • Relevant Modules: Economic Principles, Management and Organisation Studies, Advanced Corporate Finance

St. Peter’s High School | May 2011, Manchester

  • A-Levels: Business Studies (A), English (B), Sociology (B)
  • GCSEs: 9 A–C including English and Statistics


  • Expert organisational skills
  • PeopleSoft CRM
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Suite
  • Administrative skills
  • Record keeping
  • Inventory management


  • Avid cyclist, regularly participating in regional races
  • Amateur viola player
  • Enjoy socialising with friends

How to write your office manager CV

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a CV in a way that best emphasises your strengths.

Office managers handle administrative tasks while keeping organised and streamlining processes. This role can include tasks such as coordinating meetings, budgeting, and other administrative skills. To perform your responsibilities, you’ll need excellent organisational and interpersonal skills along with an understanding of technology to aid your work.

Here are three tips on how to write an outstanding office manager CV to get your target job:

1. Open with a strong personal statement

A CV personal statement tells employers why you’re qualified for the job and how you’d excel in the role in 3–4 sentences. So show that you have the skills needed to be an effective office manager in your personal statement by customising it to the job advert. Here’s how:

Read the job advert and note the skills and experience the employer values most. Then, if applicable, emphasise that information in your personal statement.

Here’s an example of what an office manager CV personal statement should look like:

An office manager CV personal statement example with three sentences set in italic text.
Put your best office manager skills in your personal statement to grab readers’ attention.

Present your personal statement on a UK-ready CV template to emphasize your unique skill set to the employer.

2. Highlight your office management skills

Employers look for an office manager with both hard skills (learned abilities like cloud collaboration) and soft skills (personality traits such as teamwork). Below are some good skills for your CV if you’re applying for an office management role:


  • Active listening
  • Organisational skills
  • Time management
  • Communication skills
  • Coordination
  • Document management software
  • Budgeting
  • Inventory management
  • Record keeping
  • Critical thinking skills


A convincing way to put skills on your CV is by providing specific examples of how you’ve used them in previous jobs. Be specific when describing the action and outcome associated with each skill.

Here’s an example of how to highlight your hard skills:

  • Create project-specific spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations for each project that include annual holidays and compensatory time off to cut expenses and lead times by 56%

And this is an example of how to spotlight your soft skills:

  • Increased efficiencies by 27% by streamlining inter-office interactions and developing strong working relationships at all organisational levels and with customers

3. Include office management–related keywords on your CV

Putting keywords from the job advert tailors your CV to the specific office manager role you’re applying for, which makes your application stand out to the employer.

Below are some keywords to include on your office manager CV, and you can find more by looking at related job descriptions and CV examples online:


  • ‌Problem solving
  • ‌Adaptability
  • ‌Attention to detail
  • ‌Microsoft Office
  • ‌Google Suite
  • ‌Data entry
  • ‌Bookkeeping
  • ‌Training


Ensure you’ve added the right office manager skills to your application by using a CV maker and cover letter builder to create a job-winning summary of your career.

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