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Librarian CV Template (Text Format)


Attentive librarian with 6+ years of experience managing library operations, collecting and organising library resources, and engaging with patrons to provide quality customer service. Skilled in overseeing the check-in/out process for books and all other materials while maintaining library records.


Senior Librarian
Teesdale Comprehensive School, Barnard Castle, August 2020–present

  • Lead a team of 3 librarians and oversee day-to-day library activities
  • Maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of learning resources, including books, journals, magazines, and digital assets
  • Foster an inviting library atmosphere, increasing the number of daily visitors by 50%
  • Identify and use new vendors and websites to acquire learning materials, cutting library acquisition costs by 70%
  • Improve the performance and productivity of team members by leading monthly training initiatives

Darlington Town Crown Street Library, Darlington, July 2017–July 2020

  • Contributed to the development and maintenance of library collection
  • Defined and executed a policy and procedure manual for library services
  • Rolled out collection development, quality improvement, and content regulation plans
  • Supported patrons to locate reading material, and facilitated check-in/out process
  • Identified categories of daily visitors and organised library resources
  • Raised awareness about library services by designing and disseminating brochures/handouts

Darlington Town Crown Street Library, Darlington, May 2016–June 2020

  • Gained real-world expertise and experience by shadowing library staff
  • Supported daily operational objectives under library staff supervision
  • Drafted reports on patron experience and areas for general improvement, then communicated these details to the senior manager


York St John University, York, UK (2013–2016)
BSc Library Science — upper second-class honours

Relevant Modules: Library Digitisation, Resources and Documentation, Organisation of Information, Library Management


  • Expert communication, analytical, and interpersonal, customer service, and relationship-building skills
  • Proficient in collections management, procurement, and negotiations


  • Avid chess player
  • Seasoned cook
  • Curious traveller
  • Hungry reader

How to write your librarian CV

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a CV in a way that best emphasises your strengths.

If you’re looking to fill a librarian role, you need to write a compelling CV to stand out among other qualified applicants.

Below are four tips for making an impressive librarian CV that showcases your library experience and expertise. With a little effort, you’ll soon have a CV that can lands you the library position you’re eyeing.

1. Highlight your librarian CV skills

When you write your CV, highlight your abilities that show you’re right for a library job.

For instance, librarians are responsible for cataloguing information and organising library materials to help patrons easily locate them. Therefore, showing your in-depth understanding of the Dewey Decimal System makes your application more attractive.

These are some more hard skills — abilities you learn through education and training — that look impressive on a librarian CV:

Additionally, you should highlight your soft skills on your CV. Soft skills are natural aspects of your personality that show your ability to interact with patrons and perform day-to-day activities effectively.

For example, as a librarian you need excellent communication skills, as you assist people with various socioeconomic backgrounds daily. Below are examples of soft skills to include on your librarian CV:

  • Customer service
  • Attention to detail
  • Multitasking
  • Time management
  • Organisation
  • Leadership and management
  • Cooperation

Only mention skills that help you better carry out your duties at your target library. Check the job advert to determine which of your skills are most relevant.

To keep your application looking clean and professional, select a simple CV template that’s free of distracting graphics.

2. Open with a compelling librarian CV personal statement

A CV personal statement is a short introduction of 2–4 sentences summarising your work experience, expertise, and skillset. It gives insight into why you should be considered for the librarian role you’re applying for.

Library employers may refer to your personal statement to decide whether to read your entire CV. So include your skills and achievements that are most relevant to job description to get the recruiter’s attention.

Here’s a personal statement from our sample librarian CV written to convince the recruiter to keep reading:

A sample librarian CV personal statement with the section heading in a pink bar and the applicant's years of experience bolded.
Start with a unique adjective that describes your most librarian-relevant trait.

First, the applicant highlights their years of experience and notes the major duties they performed in their previous positions. Then, the second sentence gives a general overview of the applicant’s abilities to showcase what they intend to bring to their new job that other candidates for the same position can’t.

3. Add hard numbers to your achievements

Use hard numbers in your CV to show a potential employer what you can achieve concretely. Quantify your biggest librarian achievements in percentages and figures to emphasise why you’re the best candidate, rather than just saying so.

Below are examples of hard numbers that make our sample librarian CV stand out:

  • Lead a team of 3 librarians and oversee day-to-day library activities
  • Establish an inviting library atmosphere, increasing the number of daily visitors by 50%
  • Identify and use new vendors and websites to acquire learning materials, cutting library acquisition costs by 70%

4. Include action verbs on your librarian CV

To let the library recruiter know that you’re a proactive person, start your work experience bullet points with action words related to your librarian work.

The following are good CV action verbs to use on your CV because they show your knowledge of a librarian’s duties, strengthening your case as the perfect candidate:


  • Collect
  • Archive
  • Classify
  • Catalogue
  • Arrange
  • Conduct
  • Reference
  • Purchase
  • Review
  • Calculate
  • Design


Libraries expect to see a well-written cover letter along with your CV. Using a cover letter builder is the fastest way to create a cover letter — you can expect to finalise your document in a few minutes.

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