Finding the right Canva CV template can be hard — we searched for CV templates on their website and got a staggering 131,127 results. To help you out, our CV-writing experts went through and picked five of the top Canva CVs for you below.

But because Canva CVs aren’t designed for UK job searchers (and trust us, CV layout matters), you may want to jump ahead to our discussion on whether you should use a Canva CV. Or save time by skipping to our list of free Canva CV template alternatives optimised for UK job applications.

A CTA to enter the CV Genius's CV builder, with a badly designed CV on the left and a good-looking CV on the right.

1. Clean and Minimal Graphic Design CV

The Clean and Minimal Graphic Design Canva CV template.
Click here to view this Canva CV template.

What’s good about this free Canva CV

It’s designed for easy skimming, with clear section headers and bars visually representing the applicant’s skills.

2. White Blue Elegant Minimalist CV

A Canva CV template with contact information at the very top of the page, followed by a blue and gray title and the standard CV sections.
Click here to view this Canva CV template.

What’s good about this Canva CV example

This Canva CV template helps you stand out by putting your name in bold, two-colour text. Also, your contact information is easy for employers to access at the top of the CV headline.

3. Blue Creative CV

The Blue Creative Canva CV template, which features a blue header with green text, and clean boxes for each CV section.
Click here to view this Canva CV template.

What’s good about this Canva CV template

Each section gets its own box in this CV design, making it easy for employers to read. Also, this template’s two-toned blue header adds a unique touch.

If you use this template, remember to move the CV summary to the top of the page. This summary (also known as a personal statement on a CV) is meant to get the reader’s attention and convince them to look closely at the rest of your information.

4. Professional Modern Photo CV

A Canva CV template with a yellow header and a large photo in the top-left corner.
Click here to view this Canva CV template.

What’s good about Canva’s CV template with a photo

Bold colours and a large frame around the applicant’s headshot make this an eye-catching CV.

While this Canva CV is visually appealing, you should only use it if you’re applying for a role that depends on your appearance. Usually, you shouldn’t put even a small photo on your CV to avoid being discriminated against based on your identifying characteristics.

5. Professional Modern CV

A Canva CV template with a bold header and the standard CV sections presented in two columns.
Click here to view this Canva CV template.

What’s good about this Canva CV

We like how the CV header is clearly differentiated from the rest of the sections with a yellow line, making it easy for the recruiter to remember your name and find your contact details. And the large bullets do a good job of pulling the reader’s eye to your work experience and education.

We advise adding multiple bullets of your accomplishments to make a standard work experience section if you opt for this Canva CV. Using just one bullet point in each work experience entry won’t give employers a clear picture of your abilities.

Are Canva’s CV templates good for UK job applications?

Canva’s CV templates may look great, but they’re not ideal for UK job searchers. Here’s why:

They’re not formatted for the UK

Canva’s CVs are only one page long, whereas the typical length of a CV in the UK is two pages. Plus, there’s no hobbies and interests section, which you’ll typically need on a UK CV to show employers youre a well-rounded applicant. Additionally, the education sections don’t have slots for your A-levels, GCSEs, or T-levels.

They require some graphic design skills

Using a CV template should be as easy as replacing templated content with your own details. But to retool a Canva CV template for the UK, you’ll have to add a second page, copy and paste elements, and line them up yourself. While there are snap-to guides that help you out, you’ll likely spend loads of time customising Canva’s CV templates for your UK job applications.

Many of them have photos

Unless you’re applying for an acting or modelling role, you shouldn’t put a photo on your CV for a UK job. Putting your picture on a CV opens you up to discrimination based on your appearance, and some UK employers immediately bin applications with photos to avoid unfair hiring practices. Canva includes photos on far too many of their templates.

You can still use a Canva CV template if you’re confident in your graphic design skills and have time to make it work for your UK job application, or if you don’t have much experience and are looking to use a one-page CV template. And if you’re applying for a job abroad and need a resume instead of a CV, Canva could work for you.

If you need to write a resume, look at good resume examples first to see how it’s done.

But your best bet is to use one of these free CV templates already optimised for the UK:

Free Canva CV template alternatives

After looking at what Canva offers, do you prefer a professionally designed CV template with everything you need to make a CV for a UK job already built in? Here are five better alternatives to Canva’s CV templates:

1. The basic CV

An image of the first page of the basic Canva CV template alternative
If you don’t like this template, find other simple CV templates for UK jobs for free online.

Download CV Template (2 Pages)

Why this is a great alternative to Canva’s CV templates

It’s designed for easy reading, from the bold header at the top to a numbered outline in the work experience section.

2. The modern CV

An image of the first page of the modern Canva CV template alternative
You can find other modern CV templates designed for the UK across the internet.

Download CV Template (2 Pages)

Why this is a great alternative to a Canva CV

An arrow at the very top of the first page points the reader’s eyes in the direction of your job-relevant information. Additionally, this a good CV outline to use if you’re changing careers or just graduated from university, as it leads with your skills and education over work experience.

3. The professional CV

An image of the first page of the professional Canva CV template alternative
This professional CV template has a hobbies and interests section on the second page.

Download CV Template (2 Pages)

Why this is a great alternative to a Canva CV template

A futuristic design in the background causes this CV to stand out to employers and makes it perfect for applying to roles in modern industries, such as software engineer or DevOps.

4. The creative CV

An image of the first page of the creative Canva CV template alternative
Use a creative CV template if you’re applying for a job at a laid-back company.

Download CV Template (2 Pages)

Why this is a great alternative to a Canva CV

This creative CV template for UK job seekers uses drop-shadow shading to make your job qualifications jump off the page.

5. The photo CV

An image of the first page of the photo Canva CV template alternative
Photo CV templates can be useful for performance and customer-facing roles.

Download CV Template (2 Pages)

Why this is a great alternative to Canva CV templates

If you’re one of the few UK job searchers who does need a photo CV — for instance, you’re targeting a TV broadcasting role — this is a perfect CV template for your application. Its non-standard photo frame will help you appear unique to recruiters.

Frequently asked questions about Canva career resources

Have unanswered questions about Canva CVs? Here are answers to three of the most common questions asked about the career resources Canva has on offer:

1. Is the Canva resume builder good?

No, the Canva resume builder isn’t good. Canva’s builders (their CV maker and resume builder are the same thing) offer the interface you get when you click on any of their templates to edit them. So you have to do all of the building yourself.

You may as well learn how to write a CV from scratch yourself.

A good CV maker or (resume builder if you’re applying for a job in the US) does all the building work for you. For example, it should ask you questions about your experience and skills, offer pre-written suggestions for bullets and your personal statement based on your answers, and then format everything neatly into a professional CV template for you.

2. Are Canva CVs free?

Only some Canva CVs are free. You’ll have to buy a Canva Pro subscription for ~£95.69 to access every CV template in their library.

Canva does have some good free CVs, though. Here’s how to easily find every free Canva CV template:

On Canva’s homepage, search for ‘CV’:

A screenshot of Canva's template search bar to show how to find a Canva CV template

On the results page, click ‘All Filters’:

A screenshot of Canva's search filter to show how to find a free Canva CV template

Tick ‘Free’ in the Price menu, and then click ‘Apply’:

A screenshot of Canva's template price search filter to show how to find a free Canva CV template

3. How do I save my Canva CV as a Word document?

You can’t save your Canva CV as a Word document. But here’s what you can do to get a Word version of your Canva CV:

Just remember to check carefully to make sure your Word file doesn’t have any formatting issues caused by the conversion before you submit it for a job.

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