Ensure your CV format is structured to best highlight your unique experience and life situation.

Childcare CV Template (Text Format)


Dedicated Childcare Provider with 6+ years of experience catering to the social, mental, and emotional needs of young children. Skilled at creating warm, safe, and secure environments for children to develop in. Seeking a position at [Company Name] to guide children through daily activities needed to enhance children’s growth.


  • Expert in preparing nutritious meals and snacks, and planning and managing positive extra-curricular activities
  • Excellent problem-solver, caregiver, and analytical thinker
  • Detail-oriented and adept at multitasking
  • Create accident-free environments, and maintain constant supervision of children
  • Certified to administer emergency first-aid


Childcare Provider

LINDENBERG CHILD CENTRE, Kilmarnock, August 2021–present

  • Tend to the general and basic needs of 3 children, aged 18 months, 5 years, and 7 years
  • Spend 10+ hours daily with the children and maintain a daily routine that allows them to feel secure in a stable environment
  • Meet the children’s social, emotional, and physical needs by creating a safe, nurturing, stimulating, and clean play setting at all times

Childcare Provider


  • Cared for 30 toddlers and monitored their behaviours for irregularities pertaining to their health, well-being, and development
  • Increased enrolment by 20% as a result of parent referrals
  • Worked closely with 10+ child specialists to develop material tailored to improving children’s preparedness for school

Childcare Provider

THE SPRINGS, Glasgow, July 2016–May 2019

  • Took care of 4 children aged 2 years, 4 years, and 6 years, fostering a warm and caring environment centred around trust and compassion
  • Provided hygiene instructions for bathing, bathroom use, and handwashing to reduce germ transmission
  • Developed and adhered to strict daily schedules to create a sense of stability in the children’s lives


University of Sheffield, Sheffield

BSc (Hons), Early Childhood Education (2:1)
September 2013–October 2016

Gosforth High School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

A-Levels: Business Studies (B), Maths (B), History (C)
GCSEs: 10 A*–C, including English, Maths, and ICT
July 2005–May 2012


  • Painting
  • Vlogging and photography
  • Drawing

How to write a childcare CV

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a CV in a way that best emphasises your strengths.

You may have an impressive background in childcare service, but so do many other applicants.

Here are four tips you can apply when writing your childcare CV to ensure your application stands out and increases your chances of getting a job interview.

1. Begin with a personal statement that shows your dedication

Your childcare CV personal statement should convey your good character and passion for childcare. The personal statement summarises your best traits, experience, accomplishments, and goals so prospective employers can immediately see why you’re the best person for the position.

To write a good personal statement for your childcare CV, think about your top traits and what you’ve accomplished. Completing the other sections of your CV first can be helpful so you can review your career and reflect on your objectives before constructing your personal statement.

Next, list your essential childcare qualities, such as your:

  • knowledge
  • skills
  • experiences
  • relevant achievements

Compare your list to the job description, and decide which of your abilities and accomplishments most closely match what the employer is looking for.

Finally, it’s time to craft your childcare CV personal statement. State your best trait, followed by a summary of your work experience, achievements in the field, and career goals related to your target position. Aim for 3–4 sentences so it’s short enough to keep the reader’s attention.

Here’s an example of a captivating childcare CV personal statement:

An example of a childcare CV personal statement

Highly responsible and efficient Childcare Worker with 7 years of experience as an Early Years Practitioner. Certified in Childcare and Education and Infant First Aid, and the host of 5 successful annual parenting seminars. Seeking a position in Linden Nursery as a Childcare Provider to contribute to children’s educational, social, and emotional development.

Use powerful adjectives related to childcare, such as ‘attentive’, ‘responsible’, ‘caring’, and ‘devoted’ to leave a good impression on recruiters.

2. Highlight your childcare skills

Employers want a well-rounded childcare worker who can provide professional services to children while also being caring and nurturing. Show the recruiter that you’ve got the abilities they seek by listing the right childcare skills on your CV.

Hard skills are job-specific skills and knowledge learned through training and hands-on experience.

As a childcare worker, you’ll physically care for children and provide a safe environment for them to play and learn. These tasks vary depending on the age of the children you’re looking after and could range from preparing lessons to providing toys and playing equipment, and even changing nappies.

Here are examples of relevant hard skills for your childcare CV:


  • Child development
  • Classroom management
  • Public speaking
  • Age-appropriate communication
  • Nutrition and hygiene for children
  • Safe moving and handling of children with disabilities
  • Risk management
  • Safeguarding
  • First aid
  • Computer skills
  • Microsoft Office (for making documents and presentations)


Soft skills are a combination of personality traits and social skills that guide how you interact with people around you, such as children, their parents, and your colleagues.

These abilities are important because they determine the kind of behaviour you’ll model for the children in your care and how you’ll build relationships and respond to unexpected events. You should include soft skills in your personal statement or in your descriptions of your past work experience, like this:

  • Communicated effectively with children, parents, and colleagues, maintaining open lines of dialogue to ensure clear expectations, share progress updates, and collaborate on care strategies

Here are relevant soft skills for your childcare CV:


  • Active listening
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Patience
  • Decision making
  • Adaptability
  • Dependability
  • Enthusiasm


3. Add specific details and numbers to your work experience section

Simply stating your title and duties in the work experience section on your CV isn’t sufficient. You also need to include convincing proof that you performed well to make your childcare CV stand out to employers.

Instead of listing generic tasks, write about the results you achieved using specific details.

Include hard numbers, such as how many children you cared for or how long your shifts were, so your employer can see the value they’d get from hiring you.

Also note any job-related awards, commendations, and praise you’ve received.

Here are some examples of work experience bullet points that go beyond the regular list of duties:

  • Supervised indoor and outdoor activities of 20 children for 8+ hours
  • Studied and implemented interactive play-therapy methods for children, reducing tantrums by 50%

If you don’t have experience in a professional setting, use related information. For instance, if you’ve ever cared for your younger siblings and relatives, mention that.

Have a look at this example of a young applicant’s work experience bullet point:

An example of a young applicant's work bullet point on their childcare CV describing their ability to take care of their nieces and nephews. It's written in black text on a white background.
You can write a great childcare CV even if you don’t have formal work experience.

4. Format your CV correctly

It might have taken you more than a day to create your childcare CV, but hiring managers and recruiters often scan it in seconds. Make the most of these seconds with an attention-grabbing layout.

Your childcare CV reflects your personality and professionalism. An unorganised childcare CV could create a negative impression. On the other hand, a childcare CV with a well-thought-out layout will help you build a good professional reputation.

How can you decide on a CV layout that’ll catch the employer’s attention? Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Font style: The best font for your CV is any one that’s neat and readable. Save the fancy font styles for art presentations with children and opt for a more professional look with Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri.
  • Font size: The standard CV font size is 10–12 points. Use larger fonts for your name and section headings. You may also use capitals and bold or italic text to highlight important information.
  • Colour: The colours on your childcare CV should balance your professionalism and creativity. To make your childcare CV stand out from other candidates, try selecting a maximum of three dark or neutral colours (for instance, navy blue, British racing green, and grey) and use them strategically to emphasise relevant information.

Rather than trying to fill your CV up to the margins, use white space strategically to avoid overcrowding your childcare CV. A well-laid-out CV is easier for managers to read.

Need some extra support? Using a CV generator means you won’t need to start writing your CV from scratch — answer some questions and it’ll be ready in minutes. And a cover letter builder offers the same option for your cover letter.

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