Need a template for your Civil Service CV? We have free government CV templates below that’ll help you impress Civil Service recruiters, including a:

Learn more about each of the above templates by clicking these links:

  1. Copy-and-paste government CV template
  2. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) CV template
  3. HM Passport Office (HMPO) CV template
  4. Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) CV template
  5. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) CV template
  6. Security Service (MI5)/Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) CV template

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1. Copy-and-paste government CV template

If you just want a free government CV template that puts the structure in place for you so you can quickly fill in your own details, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a blank CV template that you can copy and paste into any word processor:

[Position Title]


07123 456 789 | | | Street, Town/City, AA1 1AA


In the first sentence, highlight your current job title and your years of experience. In the next sentence, showcase one or two of your biggest achievements related to the government job you’re applying for. Finally, highlight some key skills and state you’re looking to apply these skills in the position of [Job Title] at [Agency Name].


Job Title
Month 20xx–present, Town/City

  • Include a bulleted list of your accomplishments
  • Add numbers to some of these bullet points to demonstrate your accomplishments
  • Use four or fewer bullet points for each position you include on your CV

Job Title
Month 20xx–Month 20xx, Town/City

  • List relevant accomplishments from a previously held position
  • If you no longer perform this job, make sure you use past tense verbs to describe the experience
  • Unless you lack work experience, all the positions you list on your CV should be relevant to the government job you’re applying for


BA/BSc (Hons), Degree Title, Degree Classification (1st/2:1/2:2/3rd class honours)
Name of University
20xx–20xx, Town/City


  • List your relevant skills and non-academic qualifications
  • Include technical skills, or soft skills if you’re applying for an entry-level job
  • Be as specific as possible with your technical skills (i.e., mention the names of software or tools you can use)


  • List some of your notable hobbies, especially if they use skills in common with the government role you want
  • Government departments like to get to know the person they’re hiring, and hobbies are a great way to show you have a life outside of work
  • Add any organisations or sport clubs you’re involved in

Paste CV Template in Google Docs

Paste CV Template in MS Word

2. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) CV template

Targeting a job at His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs as a recent graduate? Use this template to get HMRC recruiters interested in hiring you:

A free government CV template for an HMRC job. It has a green header with white text for the personal profile.

Download Government CV Template

HMRC CV Template (Text Version)



Recent university graduate with significant customer service experience at Tesco. Ready to apply my skills and knowledge to the role of Customer Service Advisor at HMRC. My strong communication skills, commitment to excellent service, and ability to handle diverse customer interactions make me a well-suited candidate for this position.


  • Communication Skills: Proficient in delivering clear and concise information both verbally and in writing
  • Customer Service: Dedicated to providing high-quality service and resolving customer issues efficiently
  • Adaptability: Able to handle both enjoyable and challenging conversations in a dynamic environment
  • Technological Proficiency: Comfortable using digital tools such as Microsoft Office and Google Suite


University of Derby (2020-2023)
BA (Hons) Tourism Management, Upper second-class honours (2:1)

Relevant Modules: Service Experience Co-Creation, Research Skills, Consumer Behaviour

Derby Pride Academy, Derby (2013-2020)
A-levels: Maths (A), French (A), English Literature (A)
GCSEs: 9 GCSEs, Grades 9–4, including Maths (9), English (8), and IT (8)


TESCO, Derby
Customer Service Representative, Dec 2022 – Present

  • Interact with an average of 40 customers daily, achieving a customer satisfaction rate of 96%
  • Handle over 50 transactions per day, including processing payments and maintaining accurate records
  • Support customers in-person and over the phone, managing up to 30 calls per day, successfully resolving 95% of customer issues during the initial interaction
  • Accurately balance tills with sums of up to £3,000 per day, identifying and rectifying discrepancies within a 1% margin


  • Organising weekend activities for friends and family
  • Playing the guitar and banjo
  • Reading about communication techniques


Who should use this government CV template: Anyone writing a CV with a lack of relevant job experience should use this template. It’s designed to draw readers’ eyes to your skills and training before your experience section, so you can make your best case for how you fit the role.

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3. HM Passport Office (HMPO) CV template

Here’s a good CV template for applying for a job at His Majesty’s Passport Office:

A free government CV template for an MHPO job. It has bold text for the applicant's name, and their contact information stands out in a maroon banner.

Download Government CV Template

HMPO CV Template (Text Version)



Friendly and detail-oriented Contact Centre Agent with 2+ years’ experience in customer service, documentation handling, and task management. Expertise in communication, problem-solving, and adaptability that aligns perfectly with the requirements of your open HMPO Passport Officer role.


Contact Centre Agent
Pinnacle Group Limited, Aug 2022–Present, Manchester

  • Enhance communication and interpersonal skills by handling over 50 customer inquiries daily via phone, email, and in-person, maintaining a customer satisfaction score of 97%
  • Display professionalism and a customer-focused approach, effectively resolving 90% of customer issues on the first contact
  • Responsible for accurate document verification and data entry, processing over 200 documents weekly with a 99.5% accuracy rate

Customer Service Representative
Harrods, May 2020–May 2022, Manchester

  • Delivered exceptional in-person customer service in a high-end retail environment, handling an average of 25 customer queries per shift
  • Demonstrated product knowledge and sales skills, contributing to a 10% increase in upselling for targeted products
  • Addressed and resolved customer complaints, maintaining a personal customer satisfaction rate of 98%
  • Collaborated with a diverse team, participating in monthly training sessions to enhance product knowledge and customer engagement techniques


Manchester University
BA (Hons) Creative & Cultural Industries
2018–2021, Manchester

Relevant Modules: Cultural Policy and Planning, Project Management

King David School
2011–2018, Limerick

A-Levels: Maths (A), French (A), English Literature (A)
GCSEs: 9 GCSEs, Grades 9–4, including Maths (9), English (8), and IT (8)


  • Communication
  • Attention to Detail
  • Customer Service
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork


  • Local theatre actor
  • International traveller
  • Origami practitioner


Who should use this government CV template: If you have a work history entry related to the HMPO role you want, use this template. The template’s work experience section is the main draw, dominating the first page of your CV, but still leaving plenty of room for your skills, education, and hobbies and interests section.

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4. Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) CV template

Below is a free government CV template for a Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) position:

A free government CV template for a DWP job. It has bold, dark green text for the applicant's name, and the content is left-aligned.

Download Government CV Template

DWP CV Template (Text Version)



Dedicated DWP Administrative Officer with over 5 years of experience in public service administration. Seeking to leverage skills in client support, case management, and teamwork in the role of Executive Officer at the DWP. I bring a track record of efficiently handling administrative tasks and a strong commitment to supporting individuals in their employment journeys.


Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Leeds
Administrative Officer, Operational Delivery, December 2021 – Present

  • Manage a caseload of over 150 clients, ensuring timely and accurate processing of benefits claims and maintaining a 98% accuracy rate in documentation
  • Facilitate communication between clients and caseworkers, reducing average case resolution time by 25% since starting
  • Organise and maintain comprehensive client records, handling over 200 files with strict adherence to confidentiality and data protection guidelines
  • Implemented a new filing system, increasing department efficiency by 20% and reducing paperwork processing time
  • Assisted in training and mentoring 5 new staff members

Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Leeds
Administrative Assistant, Operational Delivery, May 2018 – November 2021

  • Provided administrative support to a team of 10 caseworkers, handling scheduling, correspondence, and data entry tasks
  • Contributed to a 30% improvement in case processing efficiency through the adoption of new database management practices
  • Managed front desk operations, effectively addressing and directing client inquiries
  • Played a key role in organising departmental events and meetings, improving internal communication and team morale


University of Leeds (2018-2021)

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology, upper second-class honours (2:1)

Relevant Modules

  • Social Psychology and Individual Differences, Brain and Behaviour, Face Perception, Moral and Political Psychology

King Edward VII Upper School, Sheffield (2011-2018)

  • A-levels: Maths (A), French (A), English Literature (A)
  • GCSEs: 10 A*-C including Maths, English, Combined Science, and ICT


  • Client relations
  • Case management
  • Conversational French speaker
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution


  • Gardening
  • Blogging about psychology
  • Playing fantasy football


Who should use this government CV template: Experienced applicants should use this template because it gives you a great outline for highlighting your career progression to DWP recruiters. It shows you how to add hard numbers and specific examples of how you can help the DWP reach its goals.

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5. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) CV template

This is a good CV template to use if you’re applying to work at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA):

A free government CV template for a DVLA job. It has centred header content, and the following sections are left-aligned.

Download Government CV Template

DVLA CV Template (Text Version)



Dedicated and experienced administrative professional seeking the Administrative Support role at the DVLA in Swansea. Adept at managing multiple priorities, coordinating meetings, and providing comprehensive support to senior leadership. Excellent organisational and communication skills, with a proven ability to deliver high-quality service in fast-paced environments.


Administrative Assistant
SOFIDEL, Swansea, Jun 2021–Present

  • Assist in diary management for 3 department heads, coordinating over 150 meetings annually
  • Implemented an email categorisation system that improved follow-up efficiency by 30% in 2022
  • Coordinated 4 annual team-building events and 6 training sessions, each with 20+ attendees
  • Provided administrative support for 5 key projects, including document management, scheduling project meetings, and preparing presentation materials, contributing to a 20% increase in project delivery efficiency

Retail Assistant
MARKS AND SPENCER, Swansea, Oct 2018–Jun 2021

  • Resolved an average of 30 customer queries per day, contributing to a 95% customer satisfaction rating
  • Oversaw inventory for a range of 100+ products, boosting sales efficiency by 20% through effective visual merchandising
  • Handled over £5,000 in daily transactions with 100% accuracy
  • Contributed to a team that consistently exceeded daily sales targets by 15%


Bishop Gore School, Swansea, Sep 2011–Oct 2018
A-Levels: Business Studies (B), History (C), Maths (B)
GCSEs: 10 A*–C, including English, Maths, and ICT


  • Organisational Skills
  • Communication
  • Attention to Detail
  • IT Proficiency
  • Teamwork


  • Ukulele playing
  • Pub quizzes
  • Attending science-fiction conventions


Who should use this government CV template: When you’re applying for an entry-level Civil Service job, use a template like this one. It’s a great entry-level template because it highlights your work experience near the top of your CV but also includes an education section at the bottom of the first page so you can show that you meet the basic requirements of the role.

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6. Security Service (MI5)/Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) CV template

Want to serve your country as an intelligence officer? Here’s an MI5 / MI6 CV template you can download and then edit with your own details:

A free government CV template for an MI5 or MI6 job. It features extra-bold text in the header, a personal profile in a grey bar, and left-aligned content the rest of the way down the page.

Download Government CV Template

MI5/ MI6 CV Template (Text Version)



Dedicated and results-oriented Intelligence Analyst with over 7 years of experience in security and intelligence analysis. Skilled in synthesising complex data sets to provide actionable intelligence. Adept in identifying trends and patterns to pre-empt threats. Committed to upholding national security with strong ethical values and discretion.


Senior Intelligence Analyst, Dec 2022 – Present

  • Lead and mentor a team of 5 analysts in complex counter-terrorism operations
  • Develop and implement analytical strategies, contributing to a 15% reduction in potential threats in 2023
  • Liaise with 5+ international intelligence agencies for information sharing and strategy alignment
  • Oversee the integration of new data analysis technologies to enhance operational efficiency

Intelligence Officer, May 2020 – November 2022
GCHQ, London

  • Conducted comprehensive communication pattern analysis to identify potential security risks
  • Key contributor in 10 major national security operations, providing critical intelligence inputs
  • Developed and maintained secure communication channels with 17+ field agents
  • Delivered training to 7+ new analysts on intelligence-gathering techniques and software

Data Analyst, May 2019 – May 2020

  • Analysed over 500,000 data points for security insights, significantly influencing strategic decisions
  • Collaborated with 3 cross-functional teams to integrate security considerations, enhancing operational efficiency by 15%
  • Presented analytical findings in 10+ senior management meetings, shaping the company’s risk management strategies and leading to a 25% improvement in threat detection


MSc in Security Studies

Relevant Modules: Violent and Non-Violent Conflict, Terrorism, Causal Inference, Global Ethics, Public Policy Economics and Analysis

BSc (Hons) International Relations, Upper second-class honours (2:1)

Relevant Modules: History of the International System, Conflict and Diplomacy, Global Politics


  • Expert in data analysis and intelligence software (e.g., i2 Analyst’s Notebook)
  • Strong communication skills honed for presenting findings to high-level stakeholders
  • Fluent in Arabic and French


  • Weightlifting
  • Target shooting
  • Keeping up to date on foreign policy


Who should use this government CV template: Applicants with relevant work experience and an impressive educational background should use this template. Both the work experience section and education section stand out on the first page of this free government CV template.

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Tips for using your government CV template

According to guidance from the Civil Service, there’s no set format for a government CV. But there are still unique aspects to consider when making a CV for a Civil Service role.

So our experts put together three tips to help you make a job-winning application for a government role:

1. Showcase your Civil Service Behaviours and Success Profiles

When you submit your government CV, your goal is to move on to the assessment stage. In this phase of the application process, you may be asked to take various tests and attend an interview to assess your Civil Service Behaviours and Success Profiles — government terms for your hard and soft skills.

To get through the CV sift, show your hard skills (learnt talents, like maths) and soft skills (abilities connected to your personality, such as communication) on your CV using the STAR method to detail your experience and accomplishments:

  • Situation: Describe specific situations you’ve faced
  • Task: Explain the tasks you handled during these situations
  • Action: Outline the actions you took
  • Result: Use hard numbers to show the positive results of your actions

Here’s a good example of a CV bullet point that uses the STAR method:

  • Efficiently handled a surge in passport applications during peak season by streamlining verification processes and training junior staff, resulting in a 30% increase in monthly application processing with 99% accuracy

2. Tailor your content to a specific government job advert

Struggling to decide which of your details to emphasise on your CV? All you need to do is take another look at the government job advert you’re targeting.

The recruiter should clearly state what skills and experience an ideal candidate should have. These are the abilities and bits of your work history that you should focus on when you write your CV for the Civil Service.

Before you apply, remember to verify your right to work in the UK. Some Civil Service jobs require UK citizenship, so ensure your job search is efficient by only targeting the roles you’re eligible for.

3. Write a strong personal statement to go with it

As part of your application for a Civil Service job, you’ll likely need to write a personal statement — also commonly referred to as a cover letter, and not to be confused with a personal statement for a CV.

The Civil Service website describes exactly what they’re looking for in this statement, and we’ll briefly summarise those requirements here for your convenience:

  • Use the full word count (or close to it) to fully outline your fit for the role — check the job advert for a word count to follow.
  • Follow the STAR method (which we detail above) to show what you’ve accomplished, rather than listing your responsibilities.
  • Ensure your personal statement is error-free by proofreading it and asking someone else to take a look as well.

One more item to note is that while you typically don’t put references on your CV for a government job, you should definitely drop the name of a Civil Service referee — if you have one and they’re okay with it — when you write your cover letter.

Employers in both public and private organisations are more likely to view you as a good candidate if you have a recommendation from someone they work with.

Applying to advance to a new pay grade within the Civil Service? Learn how to write a cover letter for an internal promotion.

4. Use a simple CV template for government job applications

Government agencies tend to be traditional, so don’t use a flashy CV template with graphics and pictures to apply for a Civil Service job. Instead, use a simple CV template with minimalist designs, like these:

Frequently asked questions about government CV templates

Have unanswered questions about CV templates for government jobs?

  1. Should I use a CV template from a government website?
  2. Can I use a CV builder to make my government CV?
  3. How far back should my government CV go?
  4. How can I make my CV PDF for free?

1. Should I use a CV template from a government website?

We don’t advise using the templates we’ve seen from government sources, because they tend to be very basic. Professionally designed CV templates, on the other hand, feature expert designs with bold headers and expert font pairings to help you stand out to employers in any industry.

Just make sure you use a CV template made for UK job seekers to ensure you include all the information UK employers expect to see.

2. Can I use a CV builder to make my government CV?

Yes, you can and should use a CV builder to make your government CV. A good CV maker uses AI and human expertise to help you build a job application document that is perfectly formatted and well-written.

Another reason to use a CV builder for your government job application is to save time. The best builders take just minutes to deliver a job-winning CV.

You can also use a cover letter builder to create an impressive personal statement for your government job application.

3. How far back should my government CV go?

Your government CV should go as far back as necessary to show how your work experience matches the job requirements.

However, if you have a wealth of related experience, going back 10 years is enough. The main point is to highlight your most relevant jobs, leaving off irrelevant details to make your CV concise and easy to read.

4. How can I make my CV PDF for free?

Making your CV a PDF for free is easy. You can write your CV in either Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and then download it as a PDF for free. Here’s how:

  • In Word, go to File → Save As… → File Format: PDF
  • in Google Docs, go to File → Download → PDF Document (.pdf)
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