Be sure you use the proper cover letter format to make your cover letter readable and professional.

Barista cover letter template (text format)

[Today’s Date]



[Contact Person’s Name]


Beane’s Beans
81 Café Lane
07965 123 345

Dear [Mr/Ms/Mx] [Contact Person’s Name],

I’m writing to express my keen interest in the Barista (Shift Manager) position at Beane’s Beans, as advertised on LinkedIn. With more than 6 years of dedicated experience as a barista in London, my passion for coffee and my commitment to offering outstanding customer service align perfectly with the standards of excellence that Beane’s Beans is renowned for.

In my current role at Coffee Mug, Charing Cross, I have had the opportunity to interact with a diverse customer base, tailoring over 40 different beverages to individual preferences. My proactive approach to upselling has helped the company exceed sales goals by over 32% in 2023, and I have trained and supervised 9 new hires. I’m particularly proud of maintaining a 98% customer service feedback rating, a testament to the relationships I have built and nurtured with the coffee lovers who frequent our store.

My other career highlights include:

  • Generating over £900 in sales in just one day during the Christmas holidays as an Assistant Barista at 123 Café
  • Attaining technical proficiency in point-of-sale software like TokenWorks Magnetic Card Reader and Plexis POS
  • Receiving a Level 3 Food Hygiene demonstrating my compliance to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety

I pride myself on my coffee and tea knowledge, sales skills, and inventory management, combined with excellent interpersonal skills. As an enthusiast of coffee culture, I invest personal time in understanding emerging trends, which I believe will further enhance the customer experience at Beane’s Beans.

Thank you for considering my application. I’m keen to bring my expertise to Beane’s Beans and further discuss how I can contribute to the continued success of your café. You can reach me at or 01234 567 890.

Yours sincerely,


[Your Name]


How to write a premium barista cover letter

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a cover letter in a way that makes you seem like the best candidate for the job.

Being a barista isn’t just about pouring coffee — it’s about customer interaction, understanding the nuances of coffee, and creating an inviting atmosphere. If you’re keen to make your mark in a café, you’ll need a strong barista cover letter that gives some extra flavour to your barista CV. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Write an opening that gets the reader’s attention

Open your cover letter with a statement that captures your enthusiasm and love for coffee:

Dear Ms Wilson,

From the artistry of latte designs to the rich aroma of freshly ground beans, being a barista is not just a job for me — it’s a passion. I’m eager to bring that drive to Coffees & Toffees.

This opening invites the reader to take a deeper interest in what you have to say, which sets you apart from the other candidates.

Some other captivating details you can mention in your first paragraph include:

  • an impressive achievement
  • a statement that shows you researched the café
  • a solution to a problem the coffee shop is facing

2. Emphasise the right skills and achievements

Make a cover letter that grabs the employer’s attention by spotlighting the skills and achievements that they need behind the bar.

Boost your appeal by focusing on the positive contributions you’ve made in previous jobs. Here are some good examples:

  • Increased sales (overall revenue or specific products)
  • Successful projects or process improvements
  • Training or management experience

And when you describe your accomplishments, try to include hard numbers to show the employer exactly what you can do. For example, you could write:

A statement from a barista cover letter example written in black text on a white background.
Use numbers to make your barista accomplishments easy to find in your cover letter.

3. Use proper formatting for your barista cover letter

A well-formatted cover letter reflects professionalism and attention to detail, both essential qualities for a barista. So here are some quick cover letter formatting tips:

  • Stick to one page with a clear, easily readable cover letter font such as Arial or Calibri.
  • Make a cover letter header with your name, contact information, and today’s date, followed by the contact person’s name and the café address.
  • Address the hiring manager by name using this format: ‘Dear Mr Smith,’
  • Include 3–4 paragraphs and a bulleted list.
  • End your cover letter with a short call-to-action paragraph expressing gratitude for their consideration and eagerness to discuss further, and including your contact details for the reader’s convenience.
  • Sign off politely with a ‘Sincerely,’ or ‘Yours faithfully,’ followed by your name.

To make a complete job application, you’ll also need to build a CV that summarises your barista skills and experience.

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