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Nursery Assistant Cover Letter (Text Format)

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[Contact Person’s Name]


12 Rutland Court
Leicester, LE1 1SB
01628 128 273

Dear [Mr./Ms./Mx.] [Contact Person’s Last Name],

I was delighted to learn that Anstey Primary School is seeking to hire a Nursery Assistant for the coming term. As a Certified Early Years Teacher with 5 years of experience creating fun and imaginative environments for young children to learn and play, I’d be an excellent fit for this role.

Having worked in early years education in Leicestershire for several years, I have proven experience in both school and community group settings. As a result, I’m both skilled at motivating young and developing minds and highly knowledgeable of the local resources that are available to their parents and guardians.

Additionally, I’m proficient at organising exciting and interactive educational programmes, serving meals, and supervising children during play.

Here are the highlights of my experience:

  • Monitored all children’s activities to maintain health and safety standards were met
  • Actively communicated with parents regarding children’s activities and behaviour, resulting in a 70% improvement in academic performance
  • Assisted Mosely Early Learning Centre in creating a Little Readers program, which has helped 120 young children develop basic literacy skills since 2021

I’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss my potential fit within your team. You can reach me by phone (01664 329 127) or email ( to schedule an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.



[Your Name]


How to write a compelling nursery assistant cover letter

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a cover letter in a way that makes you seem like the best candidate for the job.

As a nursery assistant, you’ll help shape the initial stages of young children’s development by assisting with play and general care.

Also referred to as early years educators, preschool assistants, playgroup assistants, or childcare workers, nursery assistants are needed in various settings. You might find yourself working in a nursery or play centre — or as a nursery nurse in an NHS hospital.

Working as a nursery assistant is a physically active job and your responsibilities will likely include:

  • coordinating childcare activities
  • supervising staff
  • ensuring the children’s safety
  • assisting with personal care like feeding and toileting
  • communicating with parents about their child’s day
  • promoting public health

Though some nursery employers will ask for a childcare qualification (e.g., Level 2 Certificate in Childcare or Level 3 Diploma in Early Years Education and Care – Early Years Educator), you’ll be trained on the job.

However, to reach that stage, you’ll need to convince employers that you have the right skills and temperament to look after young children. A cover letter can help you achieve that end.

Here are three tips to help you write a nursery assistant cover letter that gets you the nursery job you want right now:

1. Emphasise your passion for childcare with examples

The main reason employers will want to read your nursery assistant cover letter is to understand how passionate you are about childcare.

Therefore, your cover letter should be more than a general summary of your career.

Whether you’ve volunteered, babysat, or looked after the children of friends and family, giving specific examples of your childcare experience will show employers that you’re a safe pair of hands to take on the job’s responsibilities.

Talking about what motivates you to work in childcare or what you found rewarding about your previous childcare experiences is another great way to show your enthusiasm for the role.

2. Summarise your key achievements in a bulleted list

Even if you’ve written a great cover letter, the employer might not read it word-by-word, in which case some of your achievements risk getting lost in the text. List your top achievements in a bulleted list to prevent this from happening.

Here’s how you can list achievements in a nursery assistant cover letter:

An example nursery assistant cover letter outlining some of the applicant's recent achievements.
Bullet points help you make a detailed yet short cover letter.

3. Align with the nursery’s values

You’re applying for a specific nursery job, so your cover letter should address that nursery’s needs and requirements.

Research the nursery thoroughly by reviewing its website, ‘about us’ page, and any specific programs or initiatives they run. Understand not just what they do but why they do it and how they describe it.

Demonstrating that your values align with the nursery’s values shows that you’re a good fit for the organisation and will encourage the employer to consider you for the job.

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