If you’re applying for work where driving will be part of your daily duties or you have a commute, your driving skills should definitely be prominently mentioned among the skills on on your CV.

In this article, we’ll cover when it’s a good idea to put your driving licence on your CV and where you should include it if you choose to do so.

Should you put your driving licence on your CV?

Though it’s not a requirement for all employers, putting your driving licence on your CV is important for certain jobs.

For example, if you’re making a CV for a delivery driver job, employers will want to know whether you have the correct licence.

Check the job description to see if having a driving licence is a requirement. You don’t want to put too much personal information on a CV if you don’t have to.

In some cases, having a driving licence won’t be essential, but it will give you an advantage over other candidates. If you’re applying for a sales role that involves a lot of travel, being able to drive a car will be seen as a useful skill.

Where to add your driving licence

On a UK CV template, add it to your skills section or your personal statement.

Here’s an example carer CV with the applicant’s driving licence included in the skills section:

A CV sample showing where you can put your driving licence on your CV.
Put your driving licence in your skills section or personal statement.

You should mention your driving licence in your personal statement if it is essential to the job (e.g., you’re applying for a paramedic role):

Example of putting a driving licence in a personal statement

Delivery driver with large vehicle driving licence (Category C) and 4 years of experience in home and food delivery. Excellent previous record for customer service, with 100% positive feedback across previous positions. Recognised for reliability and ability to uphold company image.

Remember you don’t need to put your driving licence number or expiry date on your CV, unless the employer asks for them. Instead, describe your driving ability in simple terms:

Full driving licence

If you have a special driving licence that’s required for the job, you should also specify your licence type:

Large vehicle driving licence (Category C)

A good way to add your driving licence to your CV is to use an online CV maker that puts all your information into a professional, eye-catching CV template.

Driving licence on CV — example

Here’s an example CV with a driving licence on it so you can see how your own CV should look:

A category B (car) driving licence on a CV, specifying that the licence is full and clean and covers manual cars.

Use This CV Design

Frequently asked questions about putting a driving licence on your CV

Still have questions about your driving licence and job application? Here are 3 specific questions to help you display the right information in the correct way:

  1. What is a clean driving licence?
  2. What is a full UK driving licence?
  3. Is having a driving licence a skill?

1. What is a clean driving licence?

A clean driving licence is a driving record that is free of endorsements or penalty points. Having a clean licence tells employers that you’re a safe and responsible driver because you haven’t been convicted for breaking traffic laws. Gov.uk has a service where you can check your driving licence information.

2. What is a full UK driving licence?

A full driving licence is the driving licence you receive after you pass your driving test.

Full driving licences are issued automatically when you pass your practical driving test and take about three weeks to arrive. You can use your driving test pass certificate in the meantime to prove that you’ve been issued a full licence.

3. Is having a driving licence a skill?

Having a driving licence is considered a skill in professions that involve deliveries, sales, or frequent travel.

A good way to check whether employers want you to display your driving licence on your CV is to check the job description. Employers who consider having a driving licence an important skill will include it as a requirement.

Consider also mentioning your driving skills when you create your cover letter — for example, you can go into more detail about how many miles you’ve driven as a delivery driver.

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