Be sure you use the proper cover letter format to make your cover letter readable and professional.

Goldman Sachs cover letter template (text format)

(Today’s Date)

(Manager’s Name)
Goldman Sachs
(Number and Street Name)
(Manager’s Phone No.)
(Manager’s Email)

Dear (Mr/Ms/Mx) (Contact Person’s Name),

I’m a second-year undergrad at The London Institute of Banking & Finance. I recently spoke to (Mr/Ms/Mx) (Goldman Sachs Employee Name) from (Division) at Goldman Sachs at a campus event. My admiration for your firm grew as I learnt about your commitment to providing excellent client services. More specifically, I’m impressed with your initiative to bring Goldman Sachs to small businesses. Therefore, I’m excited to apply for your asset management Summer Analyst Intern Programme.

Having attended your recent Asset Management 101 session, I find the prospect of developing long-term relationships with clients particularly appealing. Additionally, the people within asset management whom I’ve met at other networking events came across as professional, interesting, and inspiring. I’ve previously worked as a waiter at a high-end restaurant, where I provided service to celebrities and VIPs. Through this experience, I’ve cultivated strong interpersonal, communication, and teamwork skills, which I’d like to apply in the banking sector.

Given my genuine interest in asset management and experience in a client-facing role, I’m confident I’d be a great fit for your summer analyst intern position. I’m keen on experiencing your culture of supporting continuous development and building an innovative, diverse, and inclusive work environment. I look forward to gaining further insight into your career opportunities and learning more about your financial services functions while job shadowing your professionals.

My CV is enclosed for your reference. I relish the opportunity to discuss the role and learn more about your firm at your earliest convenience. You may contact me at 07123 456 789 or via email at to schedule an interview.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application.

Yours sincerely,

(Your Name)

How to write a cover letter for Goldman Sachs

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a cover letter in a way that makes you seem like the best candidate for the job.

Whether you’re a student seeking a Goldman Sachs internship or a finance professional looking to make the move to the famed investment banking company, prepare to face fierce competition. For example, only 1.5% of Goldman Sachs internship applicants were accepted in 2022.

So to give yourself a good chance at landing one of the few Goldman Sachs jobs available, you’ll need to make a cover letter that emphasises your most relevant information. And if you’re an intern who lacks work experience, your cover letter is an even more important component in the hiring process, as you can use it to explain how your skills and education qualify you for consideration.

Our tips below are geared more towards early-career professionals looking to land an internship at Goldman Sachs, but you can adapt them for the stage of your career you’re currently in.

Follow this cover letter example to write a Goldman Sachs application letter that convinces the recruiter to interview you:

1. Address the contact person by name

Start your cover letter by addressing the Goldman Sachs contact person in both the header (below your contact information) and in the greeting. In the header, you should include the contact person’s:

  • name
  • Goldman Sachs division
  • address
  • email
  • telephone number

If the above information isn’t readily available, do a LinkedIn search or call the appropriate Goldman Sachs division to ask who will read your application.

Specifically addressing the recruiter — and doing research to find out this information — shows that you’re invested in working at Goldman Sachs.

2. Hook the hiring manager with an engaging introduction

If you’re unsure of the best way to start your cover letter, the Goldman Sachs website provides a useful clue:

“When we review applications, we look for creative, team-oriented candidates who will bring intensity and integrity, intellectual curiosity and leadership potential to our team.”

So don’t start with the standard “I’m writing to express my interest…” statement. An opening line like that will make your cover letter read as cliche.

Instead, demonstrate your creativity by writing a unique, engaging first paragraph. For instance, Goldman Sachs recruiters have been impressed by imaginative cover letters with “poetry” in the body.

Here’s an example of a compelling start to a Goldman Sachs cover letter:

Example of an engaging Goldman Sachs cover letter introduction for a financial analyst internship in the Asset Management division
This applicant incorporates details learned through networking into their cover letter.

While being original, do make sure your first paragraph includes some basic information, such as:

  • what position you’re applying for
  • why you want to work for Goldman Sachs in this specific position
  • the name(s) of any Goldman Sachs connections you have

If possible, attend Goldman Sachs networking events (and mention it in your cover letter) to show recruiters you’re serious about working for them.

3. Discuss what makes you worth investing in

Goldman recruiters know that, as an intern, you likely have limited work experience. So when writing a cover letter for an internship, emphasize your:

  • soft skills (qualities related to your personality rather than training)
  • potential, as demonstrated by past achievements in areas from coursework to investment competitions
  • interest in Goldman Sachs specifically and the finance industry in general

Recall from the Goldman Sach’s recommendation above that the soft skills they’re especially looking for include teamwork, curiosity, and leadership.

See how an applicant demonstrates their interest in finance at the beginning of their cover letter for a Goldman Sachs internship:

A Goldman Sachs cover letter opening statement example for students
This applicant shows their passion for finance through their major and hobbies.

4. Emphasise why you want to work for Goldman Sachs specifically

Once you’ve introduced your qualifications and interest, you should explicitly state what draws you to Goldman Sachs over other investment banks.

Below are some ways to show Goldman Sachs you’re interested in them specifically:

When answering ‘Why Goldman Sachs?’, avoid obvious statements and flattery that lacks detail (e.g., don’t say “Goldman Sachs is a leader in the finance industry.”)

5. Edit and proofread thoroughly

When you apply to Goldman Sachs, you’ll fill out an online application and put your cover letter in a Personal Statement section. But write your cover letter in a text editor rather than typing directly into the portal so that you can do a careful edit.

If you’re a student applying for an internship, your statement must be 300 words or fewer, per the Goldman Sachs student application checklist. The application checklist for professionals doesn’t set a word count, but the standard cover letter length in the UK is around 300 words or one page.

Technically, you could submit a form with only a few words in your personal statement. But you should write at least 250 words to fully express your relevant abilities and interests that motivated you to apply.

With competition so stiff for positions at Goldman Sachs, avoid typos, grammar mistakes, or unclear writing that could get your cover letter binned. To ensure you submit an error-free Goldman Sachs cover letter:

  • put it through your word processor’s spellchecker
  • upload it to Grammarly or the Hemmingway App to check for ways to improve your writing
  • send it to a friend, teacher, or colleague for feedback and proofreading

Remember to check your Goldman Sachs CV for errors, too. You can use the above methods, or try uploading it to a good CV maker that properly formats your CV in addition to checking for typos.

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