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Product Manager Cover Letter Template (Text Format)

[Today’s Date]



[Contact Person’s Name]


34 Pinfold Street
Sheffield S1 4EL

Dear [Contact Person’s Name],

I’m excited to apply for the Product Manager position at Hoopl, as advertised on ApplyNow. With over 4 years of experience driving strategy and achieving record revenue growth for two SaaS companies, I’m well-positioned to help your team diversify its product offerings within the online housing market.

As a leading UK consumer property brand, Hoopl needs product specialists who can help the company stay ahead of the curve. At PaperChase I demonstrated extraordinary talent at identifying and capitalising on new market opportunities. Last year, I helped generate over £100,000 within 2 weeks of a product launch by leveraging my knowledge of user needs and carrying out thorough market analysis.

Furthermore, my data-driven approach to developing early pilots and betas will be instrumental to you as you expand your mortgage comparison services. I’m a firm believer in leveraging customer research and pilot learning outcomes to fine-tune product offerings before they hit the marketplace — a prudent approach that can ensure better customer experiences in the future.

Given my highly relevant background and passion for prioritising the user at every stage of product development, I believe myself an excellent fit for your organisation.

I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss the role further in an interview setting. Please feel free to contact me at 07123 456 789 or to schedule an interview.

Yours sincerely,


[Your Name]


How to write a product manager cover letter

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a cover letter in a way that makes you seem like the best candidate for the job.

Product managers oversee the research and strategy development of specific products and services. They generally operate at a higher strategic level than project managers, setting the product vision and roadmap rather than breaking down initiatives into tasks and monitoring task completion.

As key players in establishing the value of a company’s products or services, product managers need to be innovative, thorough researchers with outstanding organisational skills.

While you should already be outlining these traits in your product manager CV, a well-written cover letter will explain the specific value your skills and experience can bring to the employer. Apply these three steps to your cover letter for a product manager role, and you’ll easily establish that job-winning connection.

1. Research the employer you’re writing to

Product managers formulate high-level product visions and establish the goals they should achieve.

So if you’re applying for a product manager role, you need to demonstrate familiarity with the employer’s industry and operations.

Start your research by looking at employer newsletters, press releases, and internal media for an up-to-date understanding of their priorities and recent accomplishments.

A screenshot of the footer of a company's landing page with a blue highlight over a link to the Newsroom page.
The footer of a company’s landing page can be a great source of internal media.

You should also check external media, such as coverage by trade publications and industry-specific blogs, to understand the employer’s performance and market position.

2. Relate your product management experience to the role

Your CV should outline the key aspects of your product management experience. The contents of your cover letter should help connect that experience to the hiring company’s specific needs.

Not confident that your product manager CV adequately targets the right job requirements? Upload it to an online CV maker and optimise your application to really grab the employer’s attention.

Align your experience with the position by targeting key responsibilities, skills, and values that you identified in the job description.

For example, if the job description calls for scrum experience, stakeholder management, and leadership skills, then structure your cover letter around these requirements.

And if you don’t have the exact skills that the job description asked for, explain how your relevant skills and achievements qualify you to take on the job’s responsibilities.

3. Include key product management metrics

Every product manager position is unique, but they are all results-oriented. Therefore, employers will want to know how you’ve leveraged your PM skills to deliver desirable results in the past.

Illustrate the value you’ve provided previous employers by backing up your achievements with key metrics.

Here are some common examples of metrics an employer might look for on a product manager cover letter:


  1. Launch-to-market time
  2. User adoption rates
  3. Revenue generated
  4. Product profit margins
  5. Conversion rate improvements
  6. Market share gains
  7. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  8. ROI for marketing spend
  9. Feature adoption rates
  10. Number of successful product launches


4. End with a strong call-to-action

Conclude your cover letter with a confident CTA that briefly summarises your value and politely requests an interview.

To make it easier for the employer to contact you, repeat your contact information in the closing paragraph. Make sure you use a professional-looking email address (e.g., [first name]-[last name] If you include your mobile number, specify when you’ll be available to speak over the phone.

If you’re down to the wire and don’t have much time to write a professional cover letter from scratch, use an online cover letter builder to generate one in minutes, with smart content suggestions based on your specific skills and experience.

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