Be sure you use the proper cover letter format to make your cover letter readable and professional.

Marketing cover letter template (text format)

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Contact Person’s Name
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Dear [Mr/Ms/Mx] [Contact Person’s Name],

I’m writing to you regarding the marketing role I saw on [Website]. With more than three years of experience creating compelling written and visual content, I’m both qualified and prepared to bring my writing and SEO talents to your company as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Proficient with SEO tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Google Analytics, I’ve increased the CTR on pages I’ve written or optimised by 7% on average as a Digital Marketing Specialist for Nissan. These contributions have led to a 17% increase in Nissan’s profits. In my present role, I also collaborate with a diverse, 47-member team through weekly meetings and group tasks, which has helped me refine my project management and people skills.

As you can see from my CV, I’ve worked my way up from a Customer Assistant to Marketing Assistant to Digital Marketing Specialist in just two years. I regularly exceed my manager’s goals and am valued for my ability to develop solutions for any marketing problems that come our way. My proudest professional achievement was working on an outreach campaign for TopStrategy that led to 52 new, high-value backlinks and helped increase TopStrategy’s organic traffic by 37% in one year.

Lastly, assisting 200+ customers daily during my time as a Customer Assistant at Waitrose taught me how to identify what people want and how to deliver it — which is the essence of good marketing. I’m keen to join your company and apply these skills as an immediate contributor to your team. [Company Name] offers exciting career growth opportunities, and the job description promises a colourful role that suits my interests and expertise.

I’d be grateful for the opportunity to showcase my abilities further in an interview. I look forward to hearing back. I can be reached on 07123 456 789 or at Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,


[Your Name]


How to write the perfect cover letter for a marketing job

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a cover letter in a way that makes you seem like the best candidate for the job.

If you’re a skilled communicator with talent for strategising, budgeting, and managing social media, then a job in marketing is perfect for you.

However, as promotion, persuasion, and storytelling are crucial qualities in the marketing industry, you’ll need to make a cover letter that stands out to get the job you want.

To convince employers that you’re perfect for the job, here are three marketing cover letter tips to help you write your own.

1. Target the employer with the right marketing keywords

Successful marketing is about discovering what the consumer wants and showing them that you’ve got it — your cover letter is no different.

You know from the job description that the employer is looking for someone with specific job-specific skills, such as analysing data, creating content, researching trends, and spearheading campaigns.

So the first thing the employer will want to know is whether you have the right skills to help them achieve their goals. With this in mind, they’ll scan your cover letter for the right skills and keywords from their job advert — and they’ll only read your application more thoroughly if you have them.

To give you a head start, here’s a list of marketing skills that frequently appear in marketing job posts:

  • Adaptability
  • Networking
  • Sales skills
  • Customer service
  • Email marketing software (for example, Mailchimp)
  • Familiarity with Microsoft 365 tools (Excel, Word, Outlook)
  • Sales and marketing software
  • Social media management
  • Video editing software (Apple Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro)
  • SEO tools (Ahrefs, Accuranker)

Don’t just repeat the same information you gave when you listed skills on your CV. Instead, build on that information by giving more details and examples of how you’ve used your skills to succeed in marketing roles.

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2. Use numbers when listing your marketing achievements

Success in the marketing industry is measured with data, so using numbers to express your achievements makes it easier for marketing employers to understand how capable you are.

Adding examples of your achievements in your cover letter’s body text and using numbers to back them up will show employers that you’re results-driven.

Here’s an example of how to effectively quantify your marketing achievements:

An example of how to quantify hard numbers in a marketing cover letter, with numbers bolded.
Adding data gives employers a clearer understanding of your marketing skills.

Remember that numbers are easy to check, so don’t exaggerate your figures.

3. End your marketing cover letter with a memorable closing statement

Closing your cover letter is like closing a marketing deal – you want to satisfy both parties.

To come across as confident but not pushy, reiterate how you can add value to the company and add a line thanking the recruiting manager for considering your application.

After that, you can list your contact details again to help them reach you more easily and hopefully update you with good news about your application.

Finally, end your cover letter with a professional sign-off like ‘Yours sincerely’ or ‘Yours faithfully’ to avoid sounding overly familiar.

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