We all know the CV as an essential job application document, a detailed summary of your work experience, education, and skills that you use to apply for jobs.

But do you need a CV for every job application?

Technically no. While most employers require that applicants submit a CV as part of their application, some online application forms allow you to skip this step, though doing so puts you at a disadvantage.

Senior Careers Expert Aaron Case explains:

A well-written CV highlights your unique expertise and skills and shows you’ve put time and effort into your application. Meanwhile, online application forms only cover the bare minimum — and the less you say, the less reason the employer has to consider you for the job.

With that in mind, here are 33+ jobs in various fields and industries that don’t require a CV, including:

33 jobs that don’t require a CV

Applying for these jobs is possible without sending a CV or cover letter. Scroll down for a summary of average pay, training requirements, and example employers for each role. Or click on the job titles to learn more about each specific position.

Ready to apply? Make a professional CV to submit with your application, even if doing so is optional. You’ll show employers that you take initiative and go beyond what’s asked of you.

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No-CV Jobs 2024


Waiting staff£10–11 per hour
Retail assistant£11–£12 per hour
Barista£7.14–£11.20 per hour
Fast food crew£9–£10 per hour
Bar staff£10–£12 per hour
Glass collector£10–£11 per hour
Kitchen porter£10–£11 per hour
Event staff£11.50–£12.50 per hour
Catering assistant£10–£12.50 per hour
Care assistantUp to £700 per week
Nanny£14–£17 per hour
Housekeeper£11–£15 per hour
Youth support worker£11–£13 per hour
Playworker£9–£12 per hour
Pet sitter£10–£25 per hour
Cleaner£11–£15 per hour
Food courier£2.90–£6 per delivery
Newspaper delivery£10–£12 per round
Warehouse operative£11–£13.50 per hour
Construction traineeUnpaid
Yard worker£10–£15 per hour
Landscaping gardener£11–12 per hour
Virtual assistant£10–£15 per hour
Online data entry£11–£12 per hour
Customer support representative£11–£13 per hour
Social media management£6.40–£12 per hour
Online tutoring£11–£30 per hour
Content moderation£10–£30 per hour
£1.25–£1.75 per audio minute
Online test scorer£11–£15 per hour
Telemarketing£9–£13 per hour
Translator£10–£30 per hour
Mystery shopper£11–£12 per hour

Food, drink, and retail jobs

A list of food, drink, and retail jobs that don't always require a CV.

Food, drink, and retail jobs offer plenty of opportunities to interact with customers, but they aren’t just for the super sociable. These nine no-CV opportunities are great points of entry for those looking to learn the ins and outs of retail or pursue careers in sales or hospitality.

1. Waiting staff

Waiting tables is an excellent first job whether you’re looking to earn a bit of money on the side or break into the food and drink industry. And with an estimated 123,000+ pubs, bars, and restaurants across the UK, you’ll have a lot of choices on your doorstep.

Application requirements vary from restaurant to restaurant. Larger chains don’t require you to send in a waiting staff CV for front-of-house roles, but you will have to fill out a basic online form.

💷 Estimated pay: £10–£11 per hour
💼 Example employers:

2. Retail assistant

A great choice if you’re sociable and prefer being on your feet, shop floor work is a great entry point into a wide range of customer-facing career paths and opportunities. Common perks include employee discounts and flexibility in choosing when you work, making this no-CV job ideal for college and university students.

💷 Estimated pay: £11–£12 per hour
💼 Example employers:

Want to max your chances of success? Here’s a retail assistant CV sample you can download and personalise.

3. Barista

If you’re chatty, well-organised, and enthusiastic about coffee, you’ll be a great fit for a barista role. With a bit of on-the-job training, you’ll become proficient in serving a wide variety of drinks, often at high volumes, which is valuable knowledge if you want to work at higher-end cafes and restaurants later in your career. While sending in a cafe CV will make it more likely you get the barista job you’re after, most large cafe chains also consider no-CV applications.

💷 Estimated pay: £7.14–£11.20 per hour
💼 Example employers:

4. Fast food crew member

Fast-food restaurants are an excellent way to get stuck in and start your first job in the food business. Enthusiasm and integrity will be enough to get your foot in the door, as most employers provide on-the-job training. Get the job, and you can expect a decent starting wage, free meal, and hours you can easily balance with college or uni.

💷 Estimated pay: £9–£10 per hour
💼 Example employers:

Follow a relevant CV sample (like this McDonald’s CV) to quickly put together a stronger application for a fast food job.

5. Bar staff

A friendly personality and good communication skills will set you up for success in a bar staff position. Bar staff recommend, prepare, and present drinks, handle food and drink orders and manage cash registers. Larger employers offer brand discounts and the opportunity to advance into management or office positions, making bar work great as both a part-time gig or gateway into a food & drink career.

💷 Estimated pay: £10–£12 per hour
💼 Example employers:

6. Glass collector/ bar back

Glass collectors retrieve empty drinkware from tables and ensure bars are kept neat and organised. A popular job for students, this responsibility is one of the first most people are tasked with in bars, nightclubs, and licensed premises, and as a result, you’ll receive all the training you need on-site.

💷 Estimated pay: £10–£11 per hour
💼 Example employers:

7. Kitchen porter

A great choice if you’re looking for back-of-house experience, a role as a kitchen porter will allow you to familiarise yourself with the workings of restaurant and pub kitchens while washing utensils and supporting the other staff. Like glass collectors, kitchen porters are usually not expected to have previous experience as training is provided on-site.

💷 Estimated pay: £10–£11 per hour
💼 Where to find no-CV kitchen porter jobs:

  • Careers pages of large chain restaurants and pubs
  • Industry job boards like Caterer.com

8. Event staff

If you’re outgoing, energetic, and looking for a people-facing gig, event work may be a great no-CV job for you. Temporary event staff help at festivals, private parties, brand events, and sporting events. Depending on the event, you’ll be responsible for greeting guests, serving food and refreshments, and helping out with ticketing and visitor support. Event work is about having the right personality and work ethic, so previous experience is rarely required.

💷 Estimated pay: £11.50–£12.50 per hour
💼 Example event staffing agencies:

9. Catering assistant

Often offering more sociable hours than bar work, catering assistant jobs are a great way to explore the food and drink industry without turning into a night owl. Customer service and retail skills are a big plus. However, if you’re completely new to the industry, then enthusiasm for food and the role will make you a strong candidate in the employer’s eyes.

💷 Estimated pay: £10–£12.50 per hour
💼 Example employers:

Care and cleaning jobs

A list of health, social, and animal care jobs that don't always require a CV.

Whether you’re great with kids, passionate about caring for the elderly, or just pride yourself on keeping spaces clean and orderly, here are seven excellent no-CV roles to help your job search.

10. Care assistant

A career as a care assistant can be an immensely rewarding experience as you provide daily assistance and company to those unable to live independently. Given the size of the UK’s ageing population, care services are in high demand and training is often provided, meaning you have plenty of opportunities to advance in this field.

💷 Estimated pay: Up to £700 per week
💼 Example employers:

If you have any formal or informal experience in care, you should send in a care assistant CV. Even at organisations that don’t require one, you’ll be much more likely to get the employer’s attention.

11. Nanny

Those who love working with children and want and are looking for varied, engaging work will find themselves an excellent fit for nannying. Employers will prefer to see a nanny CV, but any proof of your childcare experience and organisational skills will be enough for most entry-level roles. In some cases, you’ll also be expected to have some childcare training qualifications (e.g., a Level 1 Award in Safeguarding).

💷 Estimated pay: £14–£17 per hour
💼 Example employers:

12. Housekeeper

Perfect for anyone who takes pride in maintaining a clean, welcoming environment, housekeeping services are widely sought after, from hotels to commercial spaces to private homes. Specific qualifications aren’t necessary for many roles, but employers do look for reliability, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic.

💷 Estimated pay: £11–£15 per hour
💼 Example employers:

13. Youth support worker

A role as a youth support worker is an opportunity to make a positive difference in young people’s lives. This job involves supporting young people in a variety of challenging situations, so relevant experience may be required in some cases.

💷 Estimated pay: £11–£13 per hour
💼 Example employers:

14. Playworker

Playworking is all about fostering a fun and creative environment for kids through fun and games, making it an excellent opportunity to gain experience in professional childcare. After-school clubs, holiday camps, and private employers across the UK offer these roles, making playwork easily accessible.

Some employers may ask for a DBS check and some basic qualifications, like first aid training. Others will arrange these for you if they want to hire you.

💷 Estimated pay: £9–£12 per hour
💼 Example employers:

15. Pet sitter

Flexible working hours and plenty of physical activity are some of the perks of working as a pet sitter (assuming working with animals isn’t enough of a draw). Typical responsibilities include feeding, walking, and providing companionship while pet owners are away.

Most pet sitting jobs are secured through word-of-mouth or local advertisements, with no formal CV required.

💷 Estimated pay: £10–£25 per hour
💼 Example employers:

16. Cleaner

Cleaners are highly sought after in both residential and commercial settings. Training is usually provided on the job.

Job applications are straightforward, with most employers valuing reliability and attention to detail over formal qualifications.

💷 Estimated pay: £11–£15 per hour
💼 Platforms for finding cleaner work:

If you’ve worked as a cleaner before, downloading and personalising a cleaner CV sample is an effective way to demonstrate your experience to employers.

Delivery jobs

A list of delivery jobs that don't always require a CV.

Flexible hours and plenty of day-to-day variety are two big perks of working a delivery job. Many roles such as food courier and newspaper delivery person, allow you to choose when you work. Additionally, you’ll get to work closely with various retailers, which can open up future job opportunities.

17. Food courier

As a food courier, you can work with a variety of businesses, delivering meals and groceries. A great role for those who enjoy being mobile, you may find yourself delivering goods by scooter, bike, car, or van. Many companies offer flexible schedules, making food courier and ideal job if you’re a student or have other personal commitments.

💷 Estimated pay: Starts from £2.90–£6 per delivery
💼 Example employers:

18. Newspaper delivery person

A classic job for teens, newspaper delivery will suit you if you’re an early riser and looking for a straightforward, no-CV role. Delivering newspapers is often done on foot or by bike and can be a great way to get some exercise in the morning.

Local newsagents and distribution companies usually hire for these positions, and the application process is typically very simple.

💷 Estimated pay: £10–£12 per round
💼 Example employer:

Manual labour jobs

A list of manual labour jobs that don't always require a CV.

If you’re active and eager to learn a skilled trade, a manual labour job could be perfect for you. Roles such as warehouse operative, yard worker, and landscaping gardener offer excellent opportunities to develop the hard skills you’ll need for an outdoorsy career.

19. Warehouse operative/ picker packer

Working in a warehouse is physically active work that will keep you on your feet as you handle a range of daily responsibilities, such as packing, sorting, and moving stock. It’s a role that can offer insight into logistics and supply chain operations.

Warehouse jobs are plentiful, and many employers prioritise a strong work ethic and reliability — though a strong warehouse CV is always helpful.

💷 Estimated pay: £11–£13.50 per hour
💼 Example employers:

20. Construction traineeships

Construction traineeships are unpaid, short-term jobs designed for people who want to start a construction career but lack the right skills or experience. These positions are perfect for hands-on learners, and while there’s no guarantee of a paid job at the end of the programme, you’ll gain the skills you need to get started with a paid construction apprenticeship or entry-level position shortly after.

💷 Estimated pay: Unpaid. As an apprentice, the minimum wage is £5.28 per hour (£6.40 per hour from April 2024), rising to £10.42 after your first year.
💼 Where to find construction traineeships:

21. Yard worker

Ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors, yard work includes tasks like maintenance, landscaping, and general upkeep. Employers often seek candidates who are hard-working and reliable rather than those with specific qualifications, making it a great no-CV job.

💷 Estimated pay: £10–£15 per hour
💼 Where to find yard worker jobs:

  • Temporary employment sites like Pertemps

22. Landscaping gardener

If you have a green thumb and enjoy working outdoors, consider becoming a landscaping gardener. This role typically doesn’t require formal qualifications, as skills are learned on the job. It’s perfect for those who enjoy creativity and are passionate about plants and outdoor design.

💷 Estimated pay: £11–£12 per hour
💼 Where to find landscaping gardener jobs:

Want to put together a CV for this job? Download our free Gardner CV.

Online and remote jobs

A list of online and remote jobs that don't always require a CV.

Offering a better work–life balance and the guarantee of no pesky commute, online and remote jobs allow you to fit work around your existing schedule. General freelancer platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are great starting points for seeking out opportunities in digital marketing, content writing, and social media, while there are various niche job boards for more specialised forms of online work (e.g., Gengo for translation).

23. Virtual assistant

Fulfilling a number of important roles, virtual assistants help with administrative tasks, scheduling, and other support functions. Basic computer skills and a reliable internet connection are key requirements, but employers may ask for other skills or previous experience depending on the VA job you’re applying for.

💷 Estimated pay: £10–£15 per hour
💼 Example VA platforms:

24. Online data entry

Data entry is a straightforward online job that often requires no CV. It involves inputting information into databases or spreadsheets. Attention to detail and basic computer skills are important, but most training is provided on the job.

💷 Estimated pay: £11–£12 per hour
💼 Example data entry platforms:

25. Customer support representative

Online customer service roles involve handling customer inquiries and problems through phone or live chat. A customer support CV will boost your chances of getting hired, but mostly employers will want to determine whether you’re a culture fit as you’re representing their business. Good communication skills and a friendly demeanour are key.

💷 Estimated pay: £11–£13 per hour
💼 Find remote customer support roles on:

26. Social media management

If you’re savvy with your socials, you’ll excel at this role. Social media management involves some copywriting, campaign implementation, and community management responsibilities, making it a great way to build an experience that you can carry forward into a social media career.

💷 Estimated pay: £6.40–£12 per hour
💼 Where to find social media management jobs:

27. Online tutoring

If you have expertise in a specific subject, online tutoring can be a great no-CV job. Platforms connect tutors with students needing help in various subjects. Patience and knowledge in your subject are most important, but formal credentials are often helpful.

If you want to showcase informal experience with a subject (e.g., success tutoring classmates or the children of neighbours and family friends), we recommend putting together a simple tutor CV.

💷 Estimated pay: £11–£30 per hour, with much higher rates for experienced roles
💼 Example tutoring platforms:

28. Content moderation

Content moderators monitor and manage user-generated content to ensure online communities remain safe and respectful. Attention to detail and a good understanding of the platform’s community guidelines are essential, and you need to be ready to encounter content that’s explicit or offensive.

💷 Estimated pay: £10–£30 per hour
💼 Example platforms:

29. Transcriptionist

Transcription involves converting audio recordings into written text. Companies often hire transcriptionists with no CV, as long as they have good listening skills and typing speed.

💷 Estimated pay: £1.25–£1.75 per audio minute
💼 Example platforms:

30. Online test scorer

Educational companies and organisations often hire online test scorers to evaluate public and private exams. Depending on the job, employers may require a minimum level of education (e.g., a bachelor’s degree). However, some employers may then allow you to apply without a formal CV if you meet that requirement.

💷 Estimated pay: £11–£15 per hour
💼 Example platforms:

31. Telemarketing

Telemarketers reach out to customers over the phone or internet to generate sales, promote products or services, conduct surveys, or generate leads. Positions are typically entry-level, often handled by freelancers, and can be landed without a traditional CV. Training is often provided, but good communication skills are essential.

💷 Estimated pay: £9–£13 per hour
💼 Example platforms:

32. Translator

If you’re fluent in more than one language, you can work as a translator. Many translation jobs are freelance and do not require a formal CV, focusing instead on language proficiency.

💷 Estimated pay: £10–£30 per hour
💼 Example translation platforms:

33. Mystery shopper

As a mystery shopper, you’ll visit stores and provide feedback on your shopping experience. This role is perfect for those who enjoy shopping and have good observational skills, and it typically doesn’t require a CV.

💷 Estimated pay: £11–£12 per hour
💼 Example employers:

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