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Warehouse Operative Cover Letter Template (Text Format)

[Today’s Date]



[Contact Person]


East Midlands Roofing Supplies
41 Bakewell Mews
North Hykeham LN6 9PM

Dear [Contact Person’s Full Name],

I’m writing to express my keen interest in the Warehouse Operative / Yard Man position at East Midlands Roofing Supplies, as advertised on JobHunt. With 4+ years of experience in warehouse operations, RTITB-accredited forklift training, and an excellent track record in inventory management, I’d be an ideal addition to your team.

In my current role at Liam’s Logistics, I already handle many of the responsibilities that you’re looking for in your next hire. I manage the efficient running of Goods In, Goods Out, Returns and Stock Control, maintaining an inventory accuracy rate of 98.5% and maintaining meticulous records.

Additionally, I assist with offloading supplier vehicles and have been praised by both external stakeholders and my manager for my timeliness and exceptional client care.

Given my consistently strong performance, I’m now looking to expand my responsibilities by seeking a warehouse operative position at a larger organisation. East Midlands Roofing Supplies’ prominence as a leading regional supplier makes it an ideal next step in my career, and I hope to grow significantly with your organisation.

Thank you for reviewing my application. I would welcome the opportunity to meet for an interview and discuss the role further. You can reach me at 07123 456 789 or

Yours sincerely,


[Your Name]


How to write a warehouse operative cover letter

Before you begin writing, make sure you know how to write a cover letter in a way that makes you seem like the best candidate for the job.

Warehouse Operative is an active, physically demanding role that can be a great pathway into warehouse management and logistics work.

You’ll offload deliveries, check for damaged or missing goods, and use machinery (e.g., forklift trucks) to move stock around the warehouse.

When they’re hiring warehouse operators, most managers look for applicants with the right attitude and technical training to support their operations. A strong warehouse cover letter can be instrumental in helping you highlight those traits.

Here are three things to remember to write a warehouse operative cover letter that compels the manager to call you immediately for an interview.

1. Be concise and to the point

You want the job — and you have a hundred (valid!) reasons why you should get it.

Even so, it’s best to be short and concise. The standard length of a cover letter is around half a side of A4.

You can write a shorter cover letter than that, but never give the employer more than a page. Lengthy cover letters can be tiresome, and a busy employer could easily miss key information.

You’ll make a much better first impression if you swiftly outline your key skills and experiences, giving the employer one or two reasons to shortlist you for the job:

A cover letter introduction demonstrating how to write a warehouse operative cover letter quickly and concisely.
This cover letter introduction quickly points out the applicant’s value to the employer.

2. Highlight any essential licenses or training

Warehouse Operative is a skilled role with specific technical requirements. So, if you have the skills the employer is looking for, you should emphasise them in both your CV and cover letter.

For example, if the job description asks for a clean driving license, then you should put your driving license on your CV and repeat that information in your cover letter. You don’t want the employer to miss that information and move on to another applicant.

Here are some other permits and specialised training that warehouse employers often look for:

3. Close your cover letter by requesting an interview

How you end your cover letter matters. You’ve just dedicated a couple of hundred words to explaining why you’re an excellent choice for the position. This makes the last paragraph of your cover letter the best place to ask for an interview.

Close your cover letter by thanking the employer for reviewing your application and expressing your interest in meeting to discuss the role further.

Repeat your phone number and email address so you’re easy to contact and close politely with a phrase like ‘Yours sincerely’ or ‘Thank you’:

Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I would love to meet with you for an interview to discuss the position further. You can reach me by phone at 07937 437 423 or by email at

Yours sincerely,

John Wick

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