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Since 2021, CV Genius has been meeting the needs of UK job hunters by providing access to tools and resources that enable them to find great jobs.

CV Genius makes available all sorts of resources — from downloadable job-specific CV examples and customisable CV designs to cover letter and CV writing, interview, and skills tips and guidance — so that our users can succeed in the job market.

And for users who’d like to speed up the document creation process, CV Genius’s AI-powered CV maker and cover letter builder help thousands of applicants put together their application documents in just minutes. Both tools are constantly updated and improved to provide our users with the best possible job document creation software.

To ensure we provide job hunters in the UK with the highest-quality resources, every one of our articles, downloadable files, and software apps was created with the input of a dedicated team of CV writers and industry experts and approved by certified CV writers (CPRWs).

The entire CV Genius team is committed to the company’s mission of being the UK’s No. 1 provider of job search resources and giving candidates the best chance of landing the job they deserve.

Why you should work with us

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Connecting your users to our platform will benefit them greatly by boosting their chances of gaining employment, but here are some benefits for you if you join the CV Genius affiliate programme:

  1. Unlimited earning potential: build as much revenue as you can earn
  2. Competitive commission rate: receive competitive rates in commission per subscription
  3. Real-time reporting: access all your referral statistics in real-time from your dashboard to keep up to date on your earnings
  4. One-month referral window: our cookies stay fresh for 30 days — so you’ll get your commission revenue even if your referrals don’t immediately subscribe to our platform

Earn money by participating in the CV Genius affiliate programme

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Our rates are simple: earn commission for each new subscriber gained from your affiliate links. Give us your support finding new customers, and we’ll pay you for every new subscriber.

How our affiliate programme works

Get paid for advertising CV Genius and our resources and tools on your website, newsletter, and/or search landing pages. You can learn more about the full process by following this link, but here are the steps in summary:

  1. Apply online: submit your application on our affiliate platform
  2. Check you’re qualified to join: follow the instructions to verify you’re able to join the programme
  3. Set up your links: add the provided affiliate links to promote CV Genius on your blog articles, email newsletters, banner adverts, and other digital content
  4. Start earning your commission: we’ll send you commission for every user who signs up for our software through your affiliate link

Before starting, check out the PROGRAMME TERMS & CONDITIONS outlined on our affiliate page.

For inquiries about signing up, or if you’d prefer to sign up without using our affiliate platform, please get in touch with Precella at precella@traceadvertising.com

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