About Ethan David Lee

Digital Marketing & PR Specialist

A headshot of Ethan David Lee, a Digital Marketing & PR Specialist at CV Genius.

Author: Ethan David Lee

Ethan David Lee is a Digital Marketing & PR Specialist at CV Genius. Born in Yorkshire, UK, and raised in Texas, USA, Ethan now resides in Taiwan, where he builds cross-industry communities to help job seekers navigate their career paths.

Ethan graduated from New York University Abu Dhabi with a bachelor’s degree in Film & New Media and Theater. Outside of the office, he is a Creative Director of Exit 11 Performing Arts Company, where he contributes to the global arts scene as a writer, director, producer, and curator.

When he’s not building partnerships and collaborations, writing high-impact PR content, or directing a play, Ethan can be found (or sometimes not found) deep in the wilderness.

For any partnership or media inquiries, you can reach him at [ethan] @ [cvgenius.com] or connect with him via LinkedIn. Please note that we don’t accept any guest posts.

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